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Arnprior District Museum Collection
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Arnprior District Museum Collection
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History / Biography
The Arnprior and District Museum was opened in 1967 as the Town of Arnprior’s official Centennial project. The Museum occupies a unique red stone landmark, built in 1896 as the Post Office. In 1962, Mr. and Mrs. David A. Gillies purchased and donated the building to the town; the building was renamed the David A. Gillies Building; in 1977, the municipality designated the building as a heritage site (under the 1974 Ontario Heritage Act). The Museum’s mandate was to collect artifacts, maps, books, and documents that record the history of Arnprior and the area, from the fur-trading days when Indigenous people had encampments during the Champlain era through until 1825 when the Scottish Laird of McNab (Archibald McNab) brought 80 settlers to the area from Scotland to the lumbering era dominated by the McLachlin and Gillies families (about 1860’s to 1940’s).
Acquisition Source
Transferred from the Arnprior Museum, c/o Helen Golding, curator, in September 1993. (In 1993, the Museum Board and the Archives Board agreed that those archival holdings now in the Museum which pertain to local history be transferred to the Arnprior and District Archives. The first transfer was made in 1993.)
Scope and Content
Collection consists of 14 sub-groups: I. Schools; II. People; III. Industry; IV. Hotels and Taverns; V. Hospitals; VI. Churches; VII. History; VIII. Lumbering; IX. Recreation; X. Businesses; XI. Renfrew County; XII. Cemeteries; XIII. Music; XIV. Library.
Titles taken from transfer agreement form.
Arnprior and District Museum collection
Sub-group: Schools
In this sub-group, the Museum collected records in 3 areas: the Arnprior and District High School, the Arnprior Public Schools as well as miscellaneous invoices to the Renfrew County Board of Education.
Arnprior and District Museum collection F0.2, F0.3, F0.4, F1.1, F1.2, F1.3, F2.1
Series: Arnprior and District High School. -- 1881-1976. -- 70.2 cm of textual records, 1 photo, and 2 crests.
Arnprior and District High School (ADHS) traces its roots back to 1864-1865, when Dugald C. McNab, Principal of the Arnprior Public School, coached a few of his older students; the school was then called the Arnprior Grammar School; in 1871, its name changed to the Arnprior High School. James Muir was the first Headmaster. In 1950, the ADHS was formed.
Series consists of such records as the following: 308 daily attendance registers (1881-1940), arranged chronologically; 2 crests; commencement programs; Programme for the Official Opening of ADHS (new addition) November 21 1952 which contains a short history; clippings on school expansion, graduation, open house and fire; A Short History of the Arnprior High School (1865-1922) by A.H.D. Ross (Q 3.2); 1926 School Laws; Index to General Register (1894-1922); entrance exam; floor plans (1967); list of teachers (1862-1880); certificates (for Gertrude Fulton, Fran Graham (oversized item Map Cabinet 1 Drawer 8) and Annie Graham (oversized item Map Cabinet 1 Drawer 6) from Queen’s University, 1917; and School Census book of all children between the ages of 5 and 18 in Arnprior for 1941, 1942, 1943 and 1944 assessed by Alex Reid (census books are in Box 1; these census books were donated anonymously in November 1997 so they were added to the Museum collection).
Arnprior and District Museum collection F2.1
Series: Elementary Schools. -- 1878, 1883, ca. 1900, 1919, 1923, 1966, 1968. -- 2.5 cm of textual records and 2 photos.
Series consists of records on areas such as a Canadian history exam (Middle School, 1933), the official opening of the McNab Public School (1968), a school book called Canada, Our Country (Primary Grades, Towards Democracy Series), 2 b&w photos of New Public School class (Miss Adams, teacher); clippings about the dedication of the public school (1878, 1883, 1919, 1923, 1966) later known as Walter Zadow School.
Series: Miscellaneous Documents. -- 1895; 1909. -- 0.3 cm of textual records.
Series consists of invoices issued to the Board for its order of school supplies; items purchased, quantities, and costs are given; a diploma issued to Eva Halladay (o/s item Map Cabinet 1, Drawer 6) by the International Sunday School Association is also included.
Sub-group: People
In this sub-group, the Museum collected records about the following individuals and families: McNab, the Chief; Dr. W.H. Steele; Dr. J.H. Box; Aboriginals; Elizabeth Burwash; Authors; McLachlin family; Tennant family; Carss family; Lodge family; D.A. Gillies; Riddell family; Malloch family; Taylor family; Reid family; and Schwabb family.
Arnprior and District Museum collection F2.1
Series: McNab, the Chief. -- 1858; 1930; 1968; 1970; 1984. -- 2 cm of textual records.
Series consists records pertaining to Archibald McNab, the last Laird of the Clan McNab (also spelled MacNab). Records include clippings from the Arnprior Chronicle (excerpts from addresses delivered at the Caledonian Society in Montreal in 1890 by James Craig), articles: The Last Laird, Archibald XIIIth MacNab of MacNab by Stanley Nettle, The Great MacNab by A. C. McKerracher, The McNab by James Craig; copy of Anne Elizabeth MacNab’s baptismal record (1858) and copy of family tree; correspondence regarding displaying McNab artifacts in Museum and Stanley Nettle’s business card, article on Andrew and George Buchanan by Grace Macneill prepared for the Ottawa Historical Society; plaid paper napkins; information on the McLachlin home (known as The Hill, built in 1857 by Daniel McLachlin); 1888 letter to J. D. McNab from Metcalf & Metcalf.
Arnprior and District Museum collection F2.2
Series: Dr. W. H Steele. -- 1906-1909; 1911; 1913. -- 9 cm of textual records.
Dr. Steele was an Arnprior dentist. Dr. Steele might be related to William Steele, who lived and worked in Braeside at Gillies Brothers, who was born in 1844 in Perth and was the son of John and Catherine Steele. William Steele (an Orangeman) married Sarah Charlotte Leach, maiden name Hempstead, (widow of Stewart Leach). For obituary notice of William Steele, see scrapbook that was purchased from Revel L. Stewart in the subgroup Arnprior General History, of the Arnprior and District Museum collection, 1993-0005.
Series consists of 5 day books, providing the name of patient, the service rendered, the method of payment and costs. Other dentists who practiced in McNab Township at the turn of the 20th century include Dr. A. W. McGregor and Dr. Dan McPhee.
These books were donated to the museum by Mrs. William Mills.
Some books are water damaged.
Series: Dr. J. H. Box. -- 1914-1915; ca. 1920. -- 5 b&w photographs.
Dr. J. H. Box was a physician in McNab Township.
Series consists of 5 photographs: 1. the interior of a ward where Dr. Box is dressing a gangrenous complication; 2. Howard Box; 3. Picnic, Dominion Public Lands, 1914; 4. Hal Murray, Ken Millan, Vic Williams, Howard Box, Ken MacKinnon, De Beauprey, and Fisher on the S. S. “Northland”, March 1915; 5. 6 people in front of a display of fish.
Museum Accession Nos. AR991.012.002 to 006.
See also file in Peter Hessel Fonds: Box family
Series: Aboriginals. -- 1987-1990. -- 0.3 cm of textual records and 10 photographs.
Series consists of records relating to the making of the movie called The Silent Enemy and 10 b&w photographs from scenes of the movie, filmed on the Gillies Bros. Limits site, near Temagami.
Key word: Indians, Indians in the area, Algonkins, Algonquins
Series: Elizabeth Burwash. --1939. -- 0.3 cm of textual records.
Elizabeth Burwash was ...
Series consists of study sheets and certificate issued by the Pelman Institute of America for the Scientific Development of the Mind (New Rochelle, N. Y.) to Elizabeth Burwash.
Museum Accession Nos. 88.17.2a to 2j and 88.17.3.
Arnprior and District Museum collection F2.4, F2.5
Series: Authors. -- 1963-1990. -- 17 bound books, 1 cloth bag, 0.5 cm of textual records, and 1 record.
Local residents have written about and published books on Arnprior and the Ottawa Valley. Some of the sources are about Arnprior and the Ottawa Valley and others are semi-autobiographical.
Series consists of published works and articles; some of these include the following: Peter Hessel: The Algonkin Tribe, Fathering, Mothering and Kidding, McNab--The Township, From Ottawa with Love, Destination: Ottawa Valley); Dugald C. McNab: The Last Laird of McNab; William R. Price: 2 copies of Celtic Odyssey as told to Eileen Sheila Hill; Fred Sadler: The Romance of Fitzroy Harbour); Mac Beattie: Poems and Ballads of the Ottawa Valley and This Ottawa Valley of Mine; Ben Frieday (Friday, Freiday): The Hobo Jungles--an area just outside Arnprior on the east side inhabited by “hobos” during the Great Depression; Bernie Bedore: Wonder Things--A Selection of Poems, Scotty the Pike--More Tall Tales of Joe Mufferaw, Tall Tales of Joe Mufferaw, The Broad Valley of the Ottawa, Yonder Lies the Valley, Tall Tales inside accompanying booty bag and The Big Pine.
Also included are clippings about The Big Pine, Mac Beattie and Melodiers, and Leo Lavoie. Also included is a 45 record and music sheet about Joe Mufferaw by Bernie Bedore.
See also March 26, 1975 issue of the Arnprior Chronicle about Mufferaw Trail.
Arnprior and District Museum collection F2.2
Series: Tennant family. -- 1963. -- 3 cm of textual records.
Robert D. Tennant recorded the Tennant history, starting with Thomas Tenant (1755-1821) and his wife Ann Hill (1764-1840). As the introduction states, the book will be of interest to those whose ancestors emigrated from County Carlow, Ireland, to the Ottawa Valley. The book lists the names of 1,472 descendants. Some family names mentioned are Dallyn, Smith, Fulton, Munro, Halpenny, Jackson, Fawcett, Watchorn, Fraser, Reinberg, Deighton, Raymond, McCaugherty, Walters, Backer, Burton, Walton, Young, Grawberger, Law, and Code.
Series consists of a loose-leaf book in a binder and includes photocopies of photos and bibliography.
Arnprior and District Museum collection F2.3
Series: Carss family. -- [before 1962]. -- 0.5 cm of textual records and 1 photo.
Robert Carss (1812-1889) came from Wexford County, Ireland. He married Jane Willis in 1837; they settled in Fitzroy Township; Robert was Justice of the Peace in Arnprior in the 1860’s. He had a brother called Spencer. Spencer married Jane’s sister, Caroline. They went out west. Some other family names mentioned in records are Lizzie, Hubbell, Rogers, Knowles, McClelland, Vock, Henry, McNaughton, Veryl, Riggs, Dean, and Elliott.
Series consists of a history about Robert Carss written by Marion G. Rogers, a black and white photo of Robert Carss, an excerpt from the Arnprior Chronicle (1889) about Robert Carss, and a history of the Carss family written by Lila Veryl Dean.
Series: Lodge family. -- 1897-1924. -- 1.5 cm of textual records and 1 photo.
Guli (Gulielmus) Lodge was a founding member of the McNab Telephone Association, established in 1910.
Series consists of largely financial and legal records such as the following: a 1907 receipt for a black horse for $170 sold by Lane Brown; a 1908 title for lots 44, 45, 46, in Stewarton, McNab Township, owned by Frank Purvis; a 1913 receipt issued to J.E. Thompson; a 1907 legal copy of a lease given to G. Lodge regarding the hotel operated by G. Lodge; an inventory sheet of furniture supplied to G. Lodge by B.D. Stafford & Son; a 1909 receipt for an organ purchased from Yonge Street Piano Rooms; a receipt for $1000. paid by G. Lodge and his wife for the property of Leicester, Stafford; an 1897 $1000 beneficiary certificate presented to G. Lodge; photo of G. Lodge and his wife; records regarding lot no. 29, MacDonald St. in Arnprior and its ownership by James Jack, Thomas Harrison Houston, and George and Martha Seeley; and a family tree of Lodge and Fetherton families, connected through marriage of Alma Elizabeth Lodge to Lt. Hugh Stanley.
Series: Taylor Family. -- [before 1980]. -- 3 cm of textual records.
Robert J. Taylor was born in Hastings County on January 9, 1887; he was a local grocer and owned a confectionery store (also an antique store at times) on Daniel Street from about 1940 to the 1980’s; he was also an antique collector and a writer for the Arnprior Guide Office on Elgin Street; he wrote about life in shanties and lumber camps. R. Taylor married Eva Rogers in 1929. The Taylor family represents an important link in the chain of lumber people in the Ottawa Valley.
Series consists of clippings; names mentioned in clippings include R.J. Taylor, Eva Rogers, James Robinson (Jim) Taylor, John Forest Jr., Marion Gilchrest, Mary Stewart, Alex Taylor, Mark Taylor, Dawn Smyth, Euce Taylor, and Mrs. Joseph Stringer (R.J. Taylor’s grandmother).
Arnprior and District Museum collection F3.1, F7.2, F7.3
Series: McLachlin Family. -- [before 1977]. -- 5.2 cm of textual records.
+ 2 o/s items (long and narrow books)
Daniel McLachlin (1810-1872), influenced by the timber potential of the Madawaska watershed, bought some 400 acres of land at the deserted hamlet of Arnprior in 1851; in 1854, he laid out a town plot; he also started construction of the four-story grist mill which was known in 1987 as Baird’s Restaurant. The large sawmills which he built greatly stimulated the community’s growth. In 1853, the family began construction of its large stone home later known as The Hill (less commonly known too as the Raithmuir). Daniel McLachlin was born in Rigaud Township, Lower Canada; by 1837, he had built a sawmill and grist mill at Bytown (Ottawa). In the legislature of the province of Canada, McLachlin represented Bytown from 1851-1854 and Renfrew County from 1861 to 1863. Upon Arnprior’s incorporation in 1862, he was elected to the first village council under Reeve Erie Harrington, and he represented South Renfrew in the first Dominion Parliament from 1867-1869. Over a period covering several generations (1851-1929), the family built a lumbering empire in the area. The lumbering firm was dissolved in the late 1930’s.
Series contains information on the McLachlin family, particularly Daniel and the sawmill in Arnprior. Records include a record book (1906) containing such information as the letters patent incorporating the McLachlin Brothers Limited (1906), a register of shareholders, directors, and transfers, memorandum of agreement and stock ledger; documents regarding lot nos. 3, 4, 9, 10, 30, 31 and 5, and concessions 13 and 14; a legal judgment rendered to Elias Holstein (of Fort Coulonge), Theophile Lavoie Jr. and McLachlin Brothers Limited; the McLachlin mill; the McLachlin home; clippings and some correspondence; a time book listing names of employees and time worked (1908-1909; oversized item); a receipt book (oversized item); and two postcards of mill sites no. 3 and no. 8
See also: Daniel McLachlin Collection, 93-0011
Series: Reid Family. -- 1885-1973. -- 1 cm of textual records and o/s photo.
There were 3 families of Reids in Arnprior. One was Ronald Reid who now lives on Daniel Street. Second was the Reid Brothers who own a car dealership; Reid Brothers also owned a general store on John Street. Third was A.W. Reid after whom a school was named; he is related to the Farquarsons.
Series consists of such records as the following: 1973 Knights of Columbus certificate issued to Ronald O. Reid; copies of share certificates in the Bank of Ottawa and the Arnprior Rink Co. Ltd. (1897, 1900, 1905); receipts for payments for goods purchased; copy of George Alfred Reid’s certificate of baptism (1908); copy of Irene Reid’s Junior Matriculation exam (1907); copy of letter from Reid Bros. (1897); detailed plans for A.W. Reid’s house thought to have been built at the northeast corner of John and McGonigal Streets about 1897 (floor plans and specifications prepared by M.C. Edey, Architect, Ottawa); and copy of agreement between Charles J. Graham of Nepean Township and Thomas William Meeny (or Kenny?) of the Village of Arnprior (1885).
Arnprior and District Museum collection F2.6
Series: Riddell Family. -- 1902-1918. -- 151 postcards , photograph album, b&w photo
Annie Riddell (b. March 17 1880, d. March 23 1920) was a registered nurse who served as a nursing sister in World War I (1914-1918) in the Canadian Army Medical Corps. She was from Galetta, a small village just east of Arnprior. She died of pneumonia in New York in 1920. 79-30-1 photo Miss Anne Riddell Map Cabinet #1 Dwr 6
Series contains the following: 59 (col. and b&w) postcards of scenes of different European and North American cities (Brussels, Amsterdam, New York, Chateau Frontenac and Dufferin Terrace Quebec City) addressed to such family members as the following: Mrs. A.E. Riddell (Galetta), Miss Annie L. Riddell (Galetta), Miss Isa M. Riddell (Kinburn), Miss R. Riddell and Luella Riddell (Atlantic City), Archie L. Riddell (Galetta and Fitzroy), Edith L. Riddell (Galetta), Ruby L. Riddell (Kinburn), Walter Riddell (Galetta), Archibald Riddell, Ruby Riddell (1904-1905; 1912); Annie L. Riddell’s Album (red burgundy leather bound book, 15 x 20 cm, with "Album" inscribed on cover; 1914-1918) contains drawings, clippings of the Royal Family, wedding announcement of Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Crutch (St. Nicolas’ Church, Taplow) Note: Album was loaned to the Arnprior District Museum in Feb 2016 for WWI display; map of Allied positions in Flanders and France showing Hindenburg line; various restaurant menus; tiny purple doll made of yarn; small medal (1 cm x 1 cm); postcards of Victoria, British Columbia, Canadian Rockies, Lake Louise; symbols from World War I (ex. Canadian Medical Corps, blue, red, and white ribbon); keepsakes from trip from Canada to Great Britain via boat; dried flowers; some drawings and inscriptions made by soldiers (W.C. Orford, R.E.A. 1917; Private R.A. Foalkes, 4th Battalion, R.W.F.; Private O. Desjardne, 22nd Battalion; Johnnie Powers, 27th Battalion; Morley A. Parrott, 38th Canadian Battalion); a 1902 photo of Annie Riddell with graduating class of nurses in 1902 (Map Cabinet 1 Drawer 6); a book called Canadian Atlas of the World with New Census (1912) belonging to A.L. Riddell contains maps of the world with population statistics (Arnprior is listed as having 4,395 inhabitants) and a map of Canada showing Quebec with Ungava occupying the northern half of Quebec; 5 b&w photos of A.L. Riddell (nurse); a black leather album (26.5 x 18 cm) containing photos of officers and soldiers (Private O’Shea being decorated on July 1, 1917), hospital patients, English houses, nurses, hospital ward, photo clipping of Canadian nurses arriving in England to care for Canadian wounded soldiers, coast line, nurse’s bedroom/dormitory, a five-franc currency note, Russian currency, notes, stamps, and clippings (ex. cost of World War I in men--26,000,000 casualties; cost in money, 30,000,000,000 pounds, Dr. Woodrow Wilson (American President), David Lloyd George (Great Britain’s Prime Minister), and M. Clemenceau (French President)); red leather album (20.5 x 27.5 cm) containing postcards (postcards removed because they were hinged onto black paper) of British Royal Family, European cities, Canada’s Parliament Buildings and the West Block, and the story of Queen Mary’s carpet.
Arnprior and District Museum collection F3.1, F3.2
Series: D. A. Gillies. -- [1890-1967]. -- 14 cm of textual records and 2 b&w photos.
David Armitage Gillies (born in 1882 in Carleton Place and died at the
Arnprior and District Memorial Hospital in 1967) attended school in Carleton Place and later graduated from Queen’s University in Kingston. In 1916, he married Jessie Herchmer Stewart, Harrowsmith, Ontario. He served in various capacities with the Gillies lumbering firm and eventually as President. Considered a leader in his field in Canada, David served in top executive capacities in many lumbermen’s organizations, provincially and nationally. He was president of the Canadian Lumbermen’s Association (1945-1946) and the first to receive the Canadian Lumbermen’s Association Wood Award. He was also president of the Canadian Institute of Forestry and served as director of the Quebec and Ontario Forest Industries Associations.
Series contains such records as the following: marriage certificate of George William Gillies and Mabel Christina Kearns (1903); sales slips from such stores as R. & F. R. Hatton, W.M. Howe, Johnston Bros., A.N. McKinnon, R.M. Stewart (all stores in Arnprior); wedding invitation of Edna Mary and Gordon MacKenzie de Renzy March 7, 1920; 5 postcards; 2 black and white photos; notes and sketches of layout of “The Grove” (1936); Charlotte Whitton’s article on D.A. Gillies in the Arnprior Guide (May 15, 1968); obituary notice on D.A. Gillies and article on opening of Gillies building (Museum) in Arnprior Chronicle (November 8, 1967); 1978 clipping of aerial view of Braeside mill; other articles on Gillies Bros. Ltd. and 1978 brochure on Consolidated-Bathurst Ltd.; records about lumbering such as slips, price lists for lumber, clippings and pamphlets about the site; an 1894 manual called Quebec Lumbermen’s Handy Book and Culler’s Manual and a Gillies Bros. Log & Lumber Book containing tables on wages, price of wood per cord, plank measure, etc.; D.A. Gillies’ journal with information on costs of maintaining Grove property, items purchased, and loan paybacks; inventory book of Gillies Bros., Coulonge Depot (1893); Gillies Bros. listing names of employees, hours worked, and table of wages (1915-1916); Mrs. D.A. Gillies’ gardening notebook (1959) and certificate of member of American Landscape Association (1929); 3 black notebooks (no dates); December 1967 issue of CLA News; receipts and purchase orders (McLachlin Bros., Johnston Bros., and McCallum; one of the purchase order donated by Mrs. Jack Labrie of Arnprior).
Series: McCallum family. -- [before 1930]. -- 0.3 cm of textual records and 12 b&w photos.
John Sr. McCallum (also spelled McAllum) was the quasi brother-in-law of the Laird of McNab; he was also one of the five members of the Laird’s “Cabinet Council of Five” and viewed the Laird as a faithful friend and steadfast ally; John married Janet; they had four children: John Jr. (shoemaker), Isabel (Wallace), Margaret (McNevin) and Mary (McNab).
Series consists of the following: letter from Alex MacCallum to his father (1919), receipt from A.T. Budd for supplies (1898), receipt from Dr. E. Carmand for supplies (1919), and photos (some people are identified; they are Mabel MacCallum, Edith Derson, Agnes Quielair, Eliza Charbonneau, May Mackley, May Belle Elliot, and Edith McCallum).
Series: Malloch Family. -- 1821 -- xxxxx o/s items, see flat shelves
Edward Malloch had an estate in the Dochart Creek area where stone was quarried; George M. Malloch purchased land at Sandy Hook to build a sawmill, sash and door factory.
Series contains such records as the following: statements of taxes for lot E, part 10, on John Street, owned by Harriet Malloch and rented by Lindsay Whyte, Lisa Raby, Thomas McCormick Senior and M. Johnson; John Eastman’s deed of land to 200 acres in the county of Dundas in the Eastern district, lot 37, 8th concession, Willamsburgh township, province of Upper Canada (1827); indenture between Luther Poor (Goulburn) and William Snodden, lot 13, 7th concession (1830); schedules for Queen’s Bench Terms, District Court and Quarter Sessions for Bytown, Fitzroy Harbour, Richmond and Marlborough (1842, 1843, 1844, and 1845); letter to Crown Lands Department from William Ford about payment per Order -in-Council dated 21/24 January 1853; letters mentioning such names as William Hugh Adams, Alexander Kennedy (township of Cumberland and before that township of Nepean), Lord Monck (Governor General of Canada) about Edward Malloch memorial (1865); indenture between Edward Malloch and James ? about 200 acres in Goulburn Township, lot 19, 9th concession, Carleton County, Bathurst District (1831) indenture between Robert Wilkins and Joseph Shubis, and Lewis and Margaret Clement, seal was attached (1830); indenture between Ann B. Peters and Edward Malloch about lot 26, 9th concession, Huntley Township (1837); agreement mentioning James Dunlop (Goulburn Township) and 100 acres, lot 12, 10th concession in Goulburn Township (1824); receipt from Crown Lands Office, Edward Malloch (1853); deed between J.D. Campbell and Michael M. Quade about lot 24, 5th concession, Nepean Township, seal attached (1833); indenture, James Mulholland (?), 100 acres, lot 19, 9th concession, Town of Goulburn, Carleton County, Bathurst District (1824); indenture between John Laferur (Lefevre?) of Bytown and John Stanoz about lot 10, 6th concession, Nepean township, seal attached (1829); indenture, Michael Singleton, lot 5, 7th concession, Goulburn Township, seal attached (1828); indenture, William Sury, lot 9, 4th concession, Huntley Township, seal attached (1833); indenture, between Laird Robert McCalla (Goulburn Township) and John Torr (Oxford Township) about lot 5, 3rd concession, Goulburn Township (1828); indenture, Alexander Workman, lot 20, 4th concession, Huntley Township, seal attached (1828); indenture, Samuel Purdie (Town of Richmond), lot 6, Goulburn Township, seal attached (1832); indenture, Luther Poor, Goulburn Township, lot 13, 7th concession, seal attached (1828); indenture, Duncan McDonnell, Township of Charlotteburgh, Glengarry County, about 600 acres on Rideau River, seal attached (1821);
Donated by Lloyd Hogan of Braeside in 1992.
11 documents made of vellum (10) or linen (1); some have wax seals that may or may not be attached
Arnprior and District Museum collection F5.3, Map Cabinet 1 Drawer 6
Series: Schwabb Family. -- 1896-1912. -- 1 cm of textual records.
Mr. & Mrs. Herman Schwabb Jr. died of pleursy & pneumonia in October 1918. According to an article on page 3 of the Arnprior Watchman, October 18, 1918, they were sick only a couple of days. They left a baby boy only 6 weeks old.
Series contains the following: a 1912 fire policy with North British and Mercantile Insurance Company for lot 24, west side of McDonald Street, Arnprior, (sheet 10, block 68, No. 60 on Goad’s plan) made out to Hermann Schwabb, a 1911 policy with Atlas Assurance Co. Ltd. for No. 60 on west side of McDonald Street, Arnprior, a 1909 policy with the North British and Mercantile Insurance Co. for lot 24, west side of McDonald Street, (sheet 10, block 68, nos. 59 and 60 on Goad’s plan), a 1908 policy with Atlas Assurance Co. Ltd. for the west side of Neilson Street in the village of Dochart, Ontario, a 1911 policy with Atlas Assurance Co. Ltd. for the west side of McDonald Street, Arnprior, an 1896 policy with The Manchester Fire Assurance Co. for west side of Neilson Street, village of Dochart, Ontario, and a 1907 policy with North British and Mercantile Insurance Co. for lot 24, west side of McDonald Street, Arnprior (Map Cabinet 1 Drawer 6).
Arnprior and District Museum collection F5.3
Series: Prince of Wales Visit. -- 1939. -- 0.25 cm of textual records.
Series contains letters between Charles MacNamara and Mr. Walter and an account by Charles MacNamara about the visit of the Prince of Wales to Arnprior in 1860.
See also: Daniel McLachlin Collection 93-0011. See also book, McNab — The Township.
Key terms: 1860 Royal visit, Royal Oak
Sub-group: History
In this sub-group, the Museum collected records on the following areas: Centennial, General History (covering a broad range of topics about Arnprior).
Arnprior and District Museum collection F3.3
Series: Centennial. -- 1962; 1967. -- 10 cm of textual records, o/s item, scrapbook on
In 1862, Arnprior left McNab Township and was incorporated as a village; in 1892, it was incorporated as a town. In 1962, to celebrate Arnprior’s 100th anniversary as a village, Col. C.L. Smith (program co-ordinator), J.A. Thornbury (treasurer), Mrs. G.R. Clarke (secretary), and Alex Staye (chairman) were among those who formed the Arnprior Centennial Committee. Mayor R.M. Simpson declared the celebration officially open. In 1967, when Canada celebrated the 100th anniversary of Confederation, Arnprior also participated in festivities.
Series consists of records commemorating Arnprior’s anniversary (1862-1962). Records include those such as the following: the official program for the Arnprior Centennial (July 8-14, 1962) which contains a sketch of the development of Arnprior and an introduction to the Chief (Laird of McNab) and the first Daniel McLachlin); 6 souvenir decals; centennial letterhead and envelope; scrapbook compiled by Bea McKerracher (located in Map Cabinet 1 Drawer 4); June 13, 1962 minutes of Arnprior and District Women’s Institute regarding museum and centennial celebrations (signed by Muriel Saunders, Centennial Representative); newspaper clippings; and signatures of townspeople on Centennial of Confederation paper (June 10 and 11, 1967); a scrapbook containing The Arnprior Chronicle’s Souvenir edition (1862-1962), July 8-14, 1962; churches, schools, businesses, the library and the museum are some of the subjects featured in the Arnprior Chronicle (July 8 to 14, 1962) Souvenir Edition (located in Map Cabinet 2 Drawer 13 ).
Arnprior and District Museum collection F3.4
Series: Arnprior General History. -- [before 1993]. -- cm of textual records and 4 b&w photos and oversized items.
The Museum collected information on a wide variety of topics. The clippings, photographs and documents have been arranged into separate files and include such topics as the Sisters of Providence, the development of postal services in Renfrew County and map of mail routes (for instance, the first post office to serve settlers in this area was opened in the home of James Morris, Sr. in 1839), cruises of Lady Colborne on early Lake Deschenes Route, boat fleets on the Ottawa-Pembroke run, Ottawa River, Stewartville Presbyterian Church (for instance, this church was hit by lightning in 1976 and burned down), trading posts and Lac des Chats, curling, the army worm outbreak in Renfrew County 1954, the historic 150-year-old white pine tree which is believed to have been standing when Daniel McLachlin first came to Arnprior in 1851, the old brick school on Albert St. (1922), the Arnprior and District Historical Society, the Museum, survey of Arnprior (questions about railway connections, waterworks, hospitals, sewer system), copies of Peter’s Point (a local history column), the Canadian Pacific Railway station in Arnprior, Sandpoint, the Arnprior Band of 1920’s, Arnprior Town Council 1972-1973, the Arnprior Shopping Mall which opened in 1975, St. John’s Ambulance on 55 Tierney St., 1946 report on Arnprior, Farmer Bros. Shoes on John Street, speeches by Norma Hall on local heritage, a copy of the Rules of Order to Regulate the Proceedings in Municipal Council of Arnprior (1893), the Chats Lake portages, history of navigation on Chats Lake, abstract on lot numbers 73 and 74, Arnprior Souvenir Book and Historical Sketch 1831-1909, a photo of a sewing class of the Women’s Institute, a 1958 photo of the rural correspondents for the Arnprior Chronicle, origin of name of Arnprior, programs, invitations and other records regarding the Old Boys Reunion in 1909, a copy of Marshall’s Bay to 1991, promotional material about Arnprior and other records such as Arnprior--A Town with a Future, 1977, Chronicle Guide Souvenir Edition 1862-1987, and 1902 Bylaw No. 10 of McNab Township called “To Define Duties of Poundkeepers”, and Giant Tiger. Black and white photos are of Women’s Institute, two correspondents, Maggie Macilla (?), and Muriel Saunders with other people.
Arnprior and District Museum collection F5.3
Series: Miscellaneous Documents - xxxxx
Series consists of the following clippings, photos, postcards, articles, and booklets in two folders:
Folder 1)
1. Abstract of title for lot 39, Macdonald Street, Arnprior; some names listed are Stafford R. Rudd and wife and Herbert Craig, James A. Faulkner, Lottie F. Rudd and James Bond, 1954
2. Letter from Caledonian Insurance Co. to Mr. H. Schwabb, 1909
3. Bylaw No. 273, Waterworks Bylaw and Schedule of Rates, Arnprior, 1901
4. Note about lots 1, 2, and 3 in Concession 8, and lots 1, 2, and 3 in Concession 9, representing Radcliffe, 460 acres for $326, Daniel McLachlin is mentioned
5. Canada Registration Board card (paper is encased in hard plastic with steel frame), Catherine Elizabeth Verkus, living at Cross Street, 1918
6. Program to unveil plaque commemorating “Steamboating on the Upper Ottawa”, sponsored by the Ottawa Valley Historical Society, 1973; the first steamboat on the Upper Ottawa River was the Lady Colborne which was built in 1833 for service between Aylmer and Chats Falls; the steamboat gradually gave way to the railroad and by 1879 the Union Forwarding and Railroad Company in 1859 had abandoned its passenger and freight traffic on the river
7. Notice of Assessment, lot 39, McDonald Street, Arnprior, Jennie Grierson James, 1954
8. Excerpt from Report of the Commissioners Public Works for the Years 1852 and 1853 about Chatts (Chats) Canal
9. 3 b&w photos--two unidentified babies and one of a nurse taken by Otto Sarony Co. Studios
Folder 2)
1. Clipping about Governor General’s visit to Arnprior, June 12, 1991, where Ray Hnatyshyn unveiled a plaque commemorating the 100 year history of Grace--St. Andrew’s United Church
2. Copy of Instrument No. 5081, Arnprior, 1902
3. Copy of A History of the Renfrew South Women’s Institute, 1913-1963, Golden Jubilee
4. List of Officers for the Women’s Missionary Society for the Presbyterian Church of Canada, 1923
5. A Program for St. Andrew’s Women’s Missionary Society, 1924
6. Letters of Administration of the estate of Chambers Dowsley, Ottawa, stonemason
7. Canada Bonded Attorney, compiled for the used of forwarders, 1913
8. Receipt from McCord’s Drug Store, made out to Miss Nora Burwash, 1968
9. Alert Scrap Book of clippings about Arnprior, 1888 & 1899
10. Booklet called The Sewerage of Small Cities and Towns by Willis Chapman, 1888
11. Booklet called Report on a Sewerage System for the Borough of Sharon, PA by Potter and Folwell (Civil and Sanitary Engineers), New York Pittsburgh, 1894
Arnprior and District Museum collection Sub-group: History Map Cabinet 1 (drawers identified beside items) and various shelves Range F
Series: Oversized items:
Series consists the following oversized items.
1. “Plan of Arnprior Cemetery”, showing lot numbers 1 to 184, taken from plan drawn by James Allan, Provincial Land Surveyor, Renfrew (June 13, 1888), 1897 Map Cabinet #1, Drawer 3
2. Fire Insurance Policy, in Herman Schwab’s name, Arnprior resident living on lot 24, west side of Macdonald Street, with North British and Mercantile Insurance Co., 1906-1909, Map Cabinet #1, Dwr 6
3. Letter from Allan Robertson to his brother (name not given); their father is Alex Robertson; mention of Neil McLauchlan (McLachlin?) and the mill is made, 1853
Map Cabinet #1, Dwr 6
4. Two items related to George L. Graham; 1) Certificate of Competency as Master, issued to George L. Graham by Minister of Marine and Fisheries for the Dominion of Canada, as qualified to be master of a steam tug-boat, 1896. 2) Statement of Provisions Used on Coulonge Season 1902-1903 in folder. Map Cabinet 1 Drawer 6
(See also the photocopied verison of The McLachlin Shanties in the Seasons 1897/98 to 1902/03 , a record of shanty expenses kept by George Lindsay Graham in outreach program material in Reading Room.)
5. Document appointing Ralph Tait as Lieutenant in No. 6 Company of the 41st Brockville Volunteer Rifle Battalion, 1872 Map Cabinet #1, Dwr 6
6. Abstract of title of rear half of lot 4 in concession B in McNab Township, Renfrew County, listing number of instrument, instrument, date of instrument, date of registration, grantors, grantees, quantity of land, considerations in terms of money, and remarks, 1891
7. Indenture for west half of lot 5, Concession 12, 100 acres bought by James O’Connor in McNab Township for $80 from the Commissioner of Crown Lands, Province of Canada, 1858 Map Cabinet #1 Dwr 10
8. Indenture between James Lewis McRae (McNab Township) and William Claude McLachlin (Arnprior, son of Daniel McLachlin), about the sale of the northeast half of lot 11, Concession 7, in McNab Township for $400, 1869 Map Cabinet #1, Dwr 6
9. Sale of land by the Crown to Daniel MacLachlin (McLachlin?), McNab Township, 200 acres, lot 7, concession 10, for $160, 1858 Map Cabinet #1 Dwr 10
10. Sale of land by the Crown to John McLachlin, McNab Township, 200 acres, lot 7 concession 9, for 40 pounds, with free access to the shore of the Madawaska River, 1856 Map Cabinet #1 Dwr 10
11. Sale of land by Crown to James Skead (lumberman in Blithfield Township, Bathurst District), 50 acres, lot 15, concession 2, with free access to the shore of the Calabogie River, for 15 pounds, 1849
12. Sale of land by Crown to Charles Hyde (McNab Township), 200 acres, lot 8, concession 9, with free access to the shore of Madawaska River, for 40 pounds, 1856 Map Cabinet #1 Dwr 10
13. Sale of land to Mary Elizabeth McRae, Margaret McRae, Marion Jane McRae, Annie Isabella McRae, Catherine Adelaide McRae, Rebecca Sarah McRae, John Alexander Wellington McRae, Williamina Susannah McRae and others (all of Bagot Township), 100 acres, east half of lot 5, concession 1 in Bagot Township, $60 1884 Map Cabinet #1 Dwr 10
14. Letter to Allan Stewart (Edinburgh, Scotland) from Alexander Stewart (McNab Township) about his stay in McNab Township over the winter and instructing Allan on what to bring in terms of supplies when he comes to Canada, 1835 Map Cabinet #1 Dwr 6
15. Patent to Archibald McNab, lot 5, concession 14, McNab Township, 1832
Map Cabinet 1 Drawer 6
Items 16 to 19 contained in mylar folder:
16. Indenture between Robert Simpson (City of Montreal) and Charles Stuart Middleton (Liverpool, United Kingdom), 200 acres, lot 3, concession C, McNab Township, for 8,000 pounds, 1841
17. Copy of abstract, lot 5, concession C, McNab Township, Daniel McLachlin to Alexander Simpson; other names mentioned are Margaret McNab, widow of Archibald McNab, 1862
18. Abstract of title, lot 6, concession 8, McNab Township, Renfrew County, 1905 for 200 acres
19. Petition to McNab Township Council presented by Christopher Tierney and John Smith, requesting that the Statute of Labour of the Residents of Arnprior be expended in the village, 1855
20. Crown land sale to Allan Stewart, McNab Township, northeast half of lot 11, concession 7, 100 acres, for $125, 1862 Map Cabinet #1 Dwr 10
21. Crown land sale grant to Nathaniel Burwash, lot 5, concession 11, 200 acres, McNab Township, for 40 pounds, 1856 Map Cabinet #1 Dwr 10
22. Crown land sale grant to Daniel McLachlin (McNab Township), east half of lot 6, concession 10, 100 acres, for 20 pounds, 1856 Map Cabinet #1 Dwr 10
23. Crown land sale grant to James Storie (McNab Township), east part of lot 4, concession 14, 18 acres, with free access to Madawaska River, for 9 pounds, 1848
24. Crown land sale grant to Francis McNab (eldest brother of John McNab), north east half of lot 5, concession 13, 100 acres, McNab Township, for 25 pounds, 1851 Map Cabinet #1 Dwr 10
25. Crown land sale grant to Daniel McLachlin of Arnprior, lot 9, concession 9, in McNab Township, 200 acres, for $140, 1869 Map Cabinet #1 Dwr 10
26. Crown land sale grant to Daniel McLachlin, east half of lot 6, concession 10, McNab Township, with free access to Madawaska River, for 20 pounds, 1852 Map Cabinet #1 Dwr 10
27. Crown land grant to Hugh MacLachlin, McNab Township, lot 6, concession 9, 200 acres, for 40 pounds, with free access to Madawaska River, 1856 Map Cabinet #1 Dwr 10
28. Crown land grant to Archibald McNab, McNab Township, east half of lot 4, concession C on the west side of Madawaska River, with free access to Madawaska River, 12 acres, for 6 pounds, 1845
29. Plan of proposed incorporated village of Braeside, being composed of lots 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13, concessions 13 and 14, McNab Township, 1910
30. Genealogy chart of family of Archibald Stewart family compiled by Janet Carmichael circa mid 1950's. It corresponds to publication in Reading Room entitled The Archibald Stewart Family Tree 1792-1851 (names of descendants given but no dates); encapsulated; double sided. Map Cabinet 1 Drawer 7
NOTE: If information on chart conflicts with listings in book, the book should be considered the authority.
31. Map of the Town of Arnprior, incomplete and no date F4.2 (not correct, location unknown)
32. Leather-spine book (21.2 cm x 33 cm, 3 cm thick) F8.2
listing the price of peas, rye, beans and oats; title “Journal” engraved on book, provenance not known, 1886
33. Leather-spine book F7.4
Inscription on inside cover reads: “This book was found in the old sawmill at White Lake, Ontario, when the mill was dismantled in 1960; donated by C.L. Dupuis, R.R. 2, Pakenham, Ontario”, book (1903-1906) contains tab sheets for lists of debts owed and paid by such people as Joe Thomas, Reverend E.J. Shaw, John Hamilton, John B. Yuill, Mick McDonald, Margaret McNab, John Hough Sr., A.F. Campbell, James Logan, D.G. McNab, and School Section No. 1 McNab; also included at back of book is an index to names and list of shanty expenses for 1908-1909
34. Leather-spine book (20 cm x 42 cm, 3.5 cm thick, water damaged) F8.1
Belonging to James Farley and listing names of people, what they bought and at what price, in chronological order, 1859-1860
35. Scrapbook (24 cm x 38 cm, 5 cm thick) F7.6
Contains clippings (Ottawa Citizen, Arnprior papers) of poems, jokes, some current events with a particular focus on unusual deaths, wedding and death notices, some of the names mentioned include Cuthbertson, Robertson, MacDonald, MacGillivray, William Dunn, McMahon, Brennan, Hutchinson, Chitty, McCullough, Steele; also included is the receipt for the purchase of the book in 1987 from Revel T. Stewart (auctioneer at Cobden, Ontario), ca. 1890-1935
36. 4 encapsulated pages (oversize) Articles of Incorporation Fitzroy Harbour Cheese Company 1908. Map Cabinet 1 Drawer 6.
37. Fire Insurance Plan: 1924 shows Arnprior streets and buildings from an aerial perspective in terms of the type of structure, proximity to hydrants etc. Colour and other codes indicate fire risks and construction materials used. The Underwriter’s Survey Bureau Ltd. produced this plan (Copy No. 99) in 1916 and revised it in April 1924. It was loaned to William Daze, presumably an insurance agent at the time. Population is listed at 4,100. Tyrrell’s Dining Lounge 11 Burwash Street, Arnprior is stamped throughout. This book is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced in any form without written permission from the Insurance Advisory Agency at 905-474-7389.
38. Fire Insurance Plan: May 1932 shows Arprior streets and buildings from an aerial perspective in terms of the type of structure, proximity to hydrants etc. Colour and other codes indicate fire risks and construction materials used. The Underwriter’s Survey Bureau Ltd. produced this plan (copy No. 54) which was loaned to A. L. Gormerly. The first page contains an index to street names and lists population at 4,100. This book is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced in any formwithout written permission from the Insurance Advisory Agency at 905-474-7389.
39. Fire Insurance Plan: January 1950 shows Arnprior streets and buildings from an aerial perspective in terms of the type of structure, proximity to hydrants etc. Colour and other codes indicate fire risks and construction materials used. The Underwriter’s Survey Bureau Ltd. produced this plan (copy No. 70) which was loaned to The Tierney Agency in 1964. The first page does not contain an index to street names but lists population at 4,100 the same as 1930. This book is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced in any formwithout written permission from the Insurance Advisory Agency at 905-474-7389.
40. View of Arnprior - [1855]. b&w copy obtained from the Archives of Ontario. Illustration by J. Hunter Jr. shows McLachlin Mills on both sides of the river and the small village of Arnprior from the mouth of the Madawaska river. A description of Arnprior by Daniel McLachlin dated July 1st, 1855 appears below the illustration.
41. Leather-spine Minute book of the Arnprior Gun Club and 1906 Membership list Membership was taken out by the following members: E. C. Armand, J. S. Moir, J. Currie, R. Hillborn, N. S. Robertson, L. Stafford, G. Jarvis, H. W. Gardner, G. F. Macnab, John [Waltsau], A. N. MacGregor, R. A. Jeffery, C. A. R. Dulmage, A. T. Budd, J. C. Ward, M. A. Mulvihill, J. W. Fraser, S. Main, R. Jamieson for a fee of $2.00.
At a meeting held Feb. 22nd 1906 at the Town Hall E. C. Armand was made president of the club and other members were nominated for the executive. The only other minutes in the book appear for a meeting on March 16th 1906. An ink blotter of Mercentile Fire Insurance company agent G. F. Macnab remains in the minute book.
42. T. J. Gormley Staple & Fancy Dry Goods Accounts Book 1905-1907. This 352 page book was found in the Gormley house (79 John Street) when it was dismantled in 1967. Various names (mostly women) of account holders and detailed lists of purchases of dry goods to silks, golf jackets and corsets are listed in this well preserved book. Gormley & Co. is listed at lot #2 John St. on the 1904 assessment roll for Arnprior.
43. [1873] Leather-spine Real estate book No. 2 of D. McLachlin as copied from Real Estate Book No. 1. This book is arranged by street and lists: size of lots, date of sales, to whom sold, folio (page) of real estate ledger, price of lots previous to 1872, valuation by valuators, price by executors, remarks, date of deed, and amount of mortgages. Other information includes cemetery plots purchased, reserves and blocks of land as laid down in 1869 plan, lands outside Arnprior & McNab township. The last section of the book lists Titles of Lands as registered showing instrument numbers, dates, grantee, grantor, lot & concession, number of acres etc. In the back of the book is a loose page of notes related to land transactions and allowances in 1880 and 1881.
Letter Book of Gillies Bros. Ltd. dated 1908-1909. Most letters signed by J. A. Gillies (accession 2012-0293). Letters to Haleybury, Ville Marie
44. Leather-spine Blacksmith’s ledger 1882 to 1911. Possibly belonging to Arthur Gillan of Pakenham or one of the Camerons who were blacksmiths in Pakenham. Alphabetically indexed account ledger shows work done and supplies sold to various people in the Pakenham area as well as the Dowd Milling Co., Township Council . Two loose pages from 1915 and 1916 show an account of R. A. Snedden.
45. Leather-spine Ledger from unidentified garage in Arnprior with accompanying index. It is possibly a record from Eckford and Russell's Garage located on the North side of Elgin Street (near Daniel). Ledger details sales of car parts, tires, labour etc. from 1937 - 1956 to various account holders from Arnprior, Braeside, Kinburn etc. Ledger is water damaged. Other related material includes a Garage Operators Calendar circa 1950 with schedule for Garages in Arnprior - possibly for Sunday openings. Businesses listed are Briscoe's Garage, Eckford and Russell, Lewis Garage, Wood Service Station, Beattie's Service Station, Clarke's Service Station, Pultz and Majaury, Graham's Service Station, Bimm and Majaury. A receipt book from Bimm's Service Station 1940 shows sales of gas etc. on various accounts.
46. Envelope containing three items related to the history of White Lake; cover letter written November 6 1962 to Mrs. J. A. Stewart R.R. #1 White Lake by Mrs. Murray (Viola) Reid of R.R. #1 Pakenham regarding the compiltion of Tweedsmuir history for the Women's Institute. She refers to research using the 1953 Collector's Roll for White Lake which is included. (12 hand written pages). The third item is a 7 page, hand written presentation by unknown author about the history of White Lake including businesses, mills and the school in the village.
47. Four Notebooks containing handwritten notes by William G. Beattie about fires throughout Arnprior from 1921 to 1943. Bill Beattie was fire cheif from 1924 to 1952.
48. Petition dated 1873 from Mansfield residents protesting the annexation of the Village of Mansfield to Arnprior. Map Cabinet 1 Drawer 6
Sub-group: Industry
In this sub-group, the Museum collected records on the following areas: the water filtration plant, Huyck--Kenwood Mills, Ontario Hydro Project over the Madawaska River, Pfizer Co., Dochart Brick and Tile Works, the Canadian Clothes-Pin Manufacturing Company Limited, the Grist Mill, and the Gillies Bros. Ltd. in Braeside.
Arnprior and District Museum collection F3.5
Series: Canadian Clothes-Pin Manufacturing Company Limited. -- 1873; 1907; 1909. -- 2 cm of textual records.
The Canadian Clothes-Pin Manufacturing Company Limited (also known as the Clothes Pin Factory) was located on the corner of William and Division Streets.
Series consists of the following legal documents:
1. Deed of Land, John Dooner and William Moffat to Sturgis M. Johnson, 1887, regarding Lot 72, Gertrude Street, Arnprior; sold to Canadian Clothes-Pin Manufacturing Company Limited in 1907;
2. Agreement between Stafford Rolston Rudd and the Canadian Clothes-Pin Manufacturing Company Limited, 1907;
3. Deed of Land, Sturgis Morehouse Johnson to the Canadian Clothes-Pin Manufacturing Company Limited, regarding lot 72, corner of Gertrude and Charlotte Streets, Harrington Section, Arnprior, 1907;
4. Deed of Land, John Harrington Burwash to the Canadian Clothes-Pin Manufacturing Company Limited, regarding lots 73 and 74, Gertrude Street, Harrington Section, Arnprior, 1907;
5. Deed of Bargain and Sale, between Eric Harrington and Thomas Storry (or Storie?), witnessed by J. H. Burwash, regarding lot 76 on road allowance lots 5 and 6, Harrington Section, Arnprior, 1873; and
6. Deed of Land, William John Johnston to Mary Ann Reid, regarding lot 76, Harrington Section, Arnprior, 1909.
Series: Grist Mill. -- ca. 1950. -- 0.5 cm of textual records.
The Grist Mill was a stone building (about 125 feet long and 50 feet wide, 4 stories high), built between 1851 and 1855 by Daniel McLachlin, at the west end of the Memorial Bridge in Arnprior (corner of Daniel and Madawaska streets). The grist mill was the centre of industrial birth in Arnprior after the failure in 1839 of the Buchanan Brothers enterprises on the same river site. (The McLachlin sawmill was located across the river at the other end of a small dam). In 1889, David Craig used the mill to manufacture flour. In 1895, the McLachlins used it as a boarding house and a training headquarters for boy scouts and cubs; Dr. Newell Beattie was the next
owner; its last owner, William Baird, used the building as a restaurant and coin wash. On July 30, 1975, Ontario Hydro bought the mill; on September 24, 1975, the mill burned down.
Series consists of clippings about the mill and a postcard showing the mill and bridge. See also July 30, Sep. 24, and Nov. 5, 1975 issues of the Arnprior Chronicle.
Series: Water Filtration Plant. -- 1968. -- 2 cm of textual records.
Arnprior’s Water Filtration Plant opened in 1968, replacing the original system built in 1902. It was hailed as the first of its kind in Ontario in terms of its technique in water purification. J. L. Richards and Associates designed the plant, capable of providing 8 million gallons per day of water to Arnprior residents.
Series consists of clippings about the plant, an invitation and program to the official opening, a news release, the mayor’s address, and a report on the plant.
Series: Huyck--Kenwood Mills. -- 1923-1924; 1968; 1997. --6.5 cm of textual records and 24 photographs.
The Kenwood Mills of Arnprior (famous for Kenwood blankets) began in 1918 when the US company F.C. Huyck & Sons took over a factory building of Griffith & McNaughton on William Street in Arnprior. Griffith & McNaughton, founded in 1915 had originally made shirts and then, during World War I, switched to socks and blankets. Huyck named the Arnprior factory “Kenwood Mills” after a village near Albany, New York where the American owners had operated their mill for years. In 1962, the Kenwood operation was amalgamated with another Canadian Huyck subsidiary to become Huyck Canada Ltd. In the 1960s/70s, Kenwood in Arnprior switched to the production of paper machine clothing ( large continuous felts used by paper manufacturers). For a time, Kenwood was the largest employer in town, with 300 employees. In 1980, a huge British conglomerate, BTR Paper Groups, bought the entire Huyck Corporation with all its divisions, including Arnprior. Weavexx was a wholly-owned subsidiary of BTR created in 1992 through a merger of Huyck Canada and Niagara Lockport Industries Canada Ltd. The Arnprior plant was later taken over by Weavexx, which closed its Arnprior operations in 1996.
Series consists of clippings and public relations material about the plant, 10 b&w photos of the American plant in Massachusetts, 14 photos of the water tower, and extensive records on the making of felt.
Key terms: Kenwood, Huyck, Weavexx
See also files in Peter Hessel Fonds: Weavexx.
Arnprior and District Museum collection F3.6
Series: Ontario Hydro: Madawaska River Development. Dam and Generating Station in Arnprior -- 1971-1975. -- 2.5 cm of textual records.
Since 1928, Ontario Hydro had been considering building a dam over the Madawaska River. In the early 1970’s, Ontario Hydro implemented its development plans.
Series consists of a scrapbook, compiled by J. Isbester, that contains clippings from local newspapers about the Arnprior dam project (such as opposition to and support for it).
Series: Pfizer Co. -- 1955; 1970. -- 0.3 cm of textual records and 1 b&w photograph.
In 1955, Pfizer Co. (drug manufacturers) purchased 80 acres from the Herrick family and began construction of its plant in the same year. The plant officially opened in 1956; in 1977, it was renovated.
Series consists of a clipping about the company and a photo of a group going to visit the Pfizer plants in New York, including the itinerary.
See also hard-copy file “Pfizer” in Peter Hessel Fonds.
Series: Dochart Brick and Tile Works. -- 1980. -- 0.6 cm of textual records.
In 1868, William Baker opened the Dochart Brick and Tile Works, on Lot 7, Concession 13, in McNab Township. In 1947, the Baker family sold it to John S. McKay; in 1951, McKay renamed the company Dochart Brick & Tile Company, Limited. In 1980, its name changed again to Dochart Clay Products.
Series consists of an article written by Betty Brown, called Brick Architecture in Arnprior to 1914, a clipping showing the site as it was in 1863, and a drawing of different types of brick.
Series: Gillies Bros. Ltd. -- 1873-1961. -- 72 plans and 0.3 cm of textual records.
In 1872 or 1873, John Gillies (1811-1888) bought the Braeside sawmill (which came to be known as the Gillies Bros., Ltd.) from the Reverend Henry Usborne (an absentee English proprietor who built the mill in 1869 on the completion of the Canada Central Railway to Sand Point, 2 miles west of Braeside). With the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1885, the Gillies Bros., Ltd. focused its efforts on developing Canadian markets for sawn lumber as well as export markets to the United States, the United Kingdom, and the West Indies. On July 4, 1910, a fire destroyed the west lumber yard containing 29 million board feet of lumber at Braeside; the sawmill was not damaged. But, in 1919, there was another fire and the sawmill was destroyed. However, by 1920-1921, a new electrically driven brick and concrete mill was erected. At that time, it was the first fireproof mill of its kind in Canada. In 1953, the company had upwards of 1,800 square miles of timber limits on the Coulonge, Black, and Schyan (or Schwyan?) Rivers in Quebec and the Petawawa, Madawaska, Matabitchouan and Sturgeon Rivers in Ontario, all under lease from the Ontario and Quebec governments. In November 1963, the Gillies sold its Braeside mill to Consolidated Bathurst. Over the years, the following were the presidents: James Gillies (1842-1909), John Gillies (1909-1914), David Gillies (1914-1926), John S. Gillies (1926-1938), David A. Gillies (1938-1959) and Chairman of the Board (1959-1961), John A. Gillies Jr. who was a Major O. C. 51st Battalion 1st Anti tank Regiment R.C.A in 1939 (1961-1962), Arnold G. Muirhead (1962-1968), W.W. Bud Gillespie and then R.A. Nugent. The mill site is now owned by Tembec.
Sub-group: Industry Map Cabinet 1 Drawer 2 & 3
Series: Plans and Textual Records:
Series consists of 72 Gillies Brothers plans and other miscellaneous textual material relating to the Gillies lumber yards. (formerly contained in folder G)
1. Canadian Pacific Railway Plan showing proposed land to be acquired from Gillies Bros., Sand Point, 1911
2. Plan of Steam Saw Mills, Piling and Booming Premises, Office and Out Buildings, Gillies Bros., Braeside, 1885
3. Gillies Bros. site showing lumber yard, lots 7 to 13, on the Ottawa River, no date
4. Gillies Bros. Plan and Profile of Siding, 1912
5. Gillies Bros. Ltd. Plan showing alternative unloading sidings at Sand Point, 1910
6. Plan showing tracks in yard and piling grounds of Gillies Bros., 1909 (6 versions)
7. Gillies Bros. Ltd. Plan of proposed spur to new mill site, 1919
8. Gillies Bros. Ltd. Plan showing mills and yards, Braeside, 1910 (7 versions)
9. Plan of the Village of Braeside composed of part lots 12 and 13, 1873
10. Plan of Chats Lake and Vicinity, 1931 Map shows location of Indian Camps along waterways including at the mouth of the Dochert Creek.
11. Plan of proposed incorporated village of Braeside being composed of the present village of Braeside and parts of lots 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13, concessions 13 and 14, 1910 (2 versions)
12. Profile of proposed spur to new mill site, Braeside, 1919
13. Canadian Pacific Railway, Quebec District - Smith Falls Division - Chalk River Subdivision - Arnprior and Braeside connection to Gillies Bros. Ltd. lumber yard and McLachlin Bros. Ltd. lumber yard, no date
14. Plan showing mills and yards of Gillies Bros. Ltd., 1898
15. Plan showing lots 11, 12, and 13, Braeside, no date (2 versions)
16. Plan of lots 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, and 28 on Chats Lake, 1932
17. Sketch showing piers and booms on Chats Lake at Braeside, 1932
18. Plan showing lots 7, 8, 9, and 10 and area leased by Gillies Bros. Ltd. on Ottawa River, 1931
19. Plan showing line for proposed railway from Gillies Bros. Ltd. lumber yard to the Canada Atlantic Railway in Arnprior, 1904 (2 versions)
20. Map showing contour of shore and river soundings between Braeside mill and “The Ways” for proposed barking plant, 1956
21. Plan showing mills and yard of Gillies Bros. Ltd., 3 copies. Undated, however one copy has as at 1872 written on it in pencil. One copy has a hand drawn plan of J. S. Gillies home (Ardchatton) in Braeside on reverse. Drawing shows location of house, stables, vegetable garden, terraces, tennis court, drive way etc.
22. Gillies Bros. Ltd. Plan showing alternative unloading sidings at Sand Point, 1910
23. Plan of Upper Notch Development Boom and Log chute for Northern Ontario
Power Co., 1929
24. Plan and profile showing proposed interchange tracks with Canadian Pacific Railways and Canadian National Railways, 1929
25. Plan showing concession 13, Sand Point, no date
26. Plan showing proposed arrangement of railway tracks in extension to lumber piling grounds for Gillies Bros. Ltd., 1909 (2 versions)
27. Gillies Bros. Ltd., Profiles of West Yard, nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and East Yard, no date
28. Profiles of tracks in the yards of Gillies Bros. Ltd., track nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6; track to Cedar mill; east and west siding at Cedar mill; and strip track, 1909 (2 versions)
29. Plan showing lots 11 and 12, Braeside, no date
30. Plan showing proposed incorporation of Braeside, no date (2 versions)
31. Plan of layout, Gillies Bros. Ltd. office (basement, first and second floors), 1948-54
32. Plan showing mills and yard, Braeside and Cedar mills, 1897 (3 versions)
33. Plan showing sidings serving McLachlin Bros. Ltd. yards, 1924
34. Plan of lots surrounded by the Township of Clarendon, Township of Litchfield, Township of Thorne, and Township of Bristol, partially torn, 1908
35. Map of the following townships with lot and concession numbers: Ross, Bromley, Admaston, Horton, Bagot, McNab, Darling, Pakenham, Lanark, no date
36. Plan of part of lots 9 and 10, concession 16 or “C”, Braeside, 1961 (6 versions)
37. Sketch showing part of lot 11, concession 13, between Pembroke and Ottawa Road and south boundary of Braeside, 1919
38. Consolidated Paper Corporation Limited, Pembroke Properties, Pembroke, Ontario, 1959
Total number of plans = 72 (includes versions)
Textual records in folder:
Correspondence regarding plans for new piling yard, including quantity and prices of materials, 1907 and 1909
Total extent of textual records = 0.3 cm
Donated by Harold Neumann, of 146 Victoria Street, Arnprior, Ontario, who passed them along to Helen Golding at the Museum.
Sub-group: Hotels and Taverns -- 1869; 1871; 1940; 1945; 1957-1958. -- 1 cm of textual records.
Sub-group consists of the following records: By-law No. 8, granting licenses to John Alston, White Lake, and Duncan McDonell, signed by Donald Stewart, Reeve, 1869; a Certificate of examination of the British Hotel, signed by John Anderson, Tavern Inspector, 1871; an Individual liquor permit and certificate, issued by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario to Archie Lewis Riddell, of Kinburn, 1957-1958; an Individual Beer Ration Coupon Book No. 3 for residence consumers, issued by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario to Archie Lewis Riddell, of Kinburn, 1945; and clippings of 1927 marriage of Mick Lindy to Colombe Cloutier, daughter of John Batiste Cloutier, owner of Central Hotel, later known as the New Madawaska Hotel and pubs on the Upper Ottawa River.
See also: Article in Chronicle, Aug. 19, 1948: “Pulling Down of Former Hotel Recalls Pioneer Days” - re hotel erected by Dan Smith about 1866 (across from town hall, at Hugh & Elgin Streets).
Sub-group: Lumbering
In this sub-group, the Museum collected such records as newspaper clippings and photos on lumbering in the Ottawa Valley.
Series: Lumbering. -- 1957; 1966-1967. -- 1.5 cm of textual records, 6 b&w photos, and 2 negatives.
In the 1800’s, demand for Canadian timber rose sharply, and lumber merchants (such as Philemon Wright, John R. Booth, Daniel McLachlin, James Gillies, E.B. Eddy, Stewart Brothers) were quick to lease timber limits up the Ottawa Valley (some notable river names include Petawawa, Madawaska, Bonnechere, Mississippi, Gatineau and Ottawa rivers). Timber “cruisers” would select timber stands for the cut (which would take place in winter) and also select sites for the “shanties” or camps in which the cutting crews would live. These crews would then take up residence in October and, throughout the winter, fell the trees for hewers to square. The teamsters would then haul the timber to the riverbank to await the spring break-up. In the spring, the “drivers” “ran” the logs down to rafting sites (such as Arnprior) on the Ottawa. The timber was then assembled into “rafts”. These timber rafts were eventually sent to Quebec City, where they were taken apart; the timber was then loaded onto ships and sent overseas. Although lumbering continued into the 20th century, external factors (such as the use of steel and iron) meant lumbering would not witness as colorful an era as in the 1800’s.
Sub-group consists of records on such themes as the following: articles about the log drivers, the first chute at Madawaska, J.R. Booth, squared timber, the tug boat call the Opeongo, Bob Charbonneau’s lumber camp in Gatineau, Tony Deschenes, McLachlin’s No. 4 mill, lumbering operations in bygone days in Arnprior and area, and the historical plaque in Bell Park commemorating timber rafting on the Ottawa River. Photos include Gillies Mills’ administrative office (to be confirmed) taken in 1957, participants at the ceremony for the unveiling of the plaque in 1967, one of the McLachlin mill sites, inside a mill, and a square timber log jam. Negatives are of different types of tools used in lumbering.
Sub-group: Churches
In this sub-group, the Museum collected records on such churches as St. Andrew’s United Church (Pakenham and Arnprior), St. John Chrysostom Roman Catholic Church, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, and Emmanuel Anglican Church.
Arnprior and District Museum collection F4.1
Series: St. Andrew’s United Church (Pakenham and Arnprior). -- 1890; 1940; 1951. -- 1.2 cm of textual records.
St. Andrew’s United Church in Arnprior was built in 1890 by R.N. and G.W. Willoughby and designed by W.F. Thomas thanks to the efforts of the building committee (made up of Claude McLachlin, Arthur Burwash, George Edward Neilson, Hugh Frederick McLachlin, Albert Armstrong, Alexander Menzies, Andrew Thomas Hughton, David Craig, and James Ernest Thompson). The Church later changed its name to Grace-St. Andrew’s United Church. Some of the ministers include Donald J. McLean (1890-1905), William Peck (1905-1912), James Faulds (1912-1917), H.W. Cliff (1917-1926), J.M. McDonald (1926-1939). St. Andrew’s United Church in Pakenham officially opened its doors in 1898, but the history of the congregation dates back to 1831 because it was in that year that the first Methodist Class Meetings were held in the area. (United Church of Canada was formed in 1925 and was made up of former Congregational, Methodist, and Presbyterian churches in Canada). Its first minister was W.S. Jamieson.
Series consists of programs of services, 50th anniversary booklet for Grace-St. Andrew’s United Church.
Series: St. John Chrysostom Church. -- 1969; 1975; 1982. -- 0.5 cm of textual records.
St. John Chrysostom Church in Arnprior was built in 1906 and dedicated on July 1, 1907. (Named after the Archbishop of Constantinople, A.D 398), the church was constructed directly over the site of an older Roman Catholic church which had been destroyed by fire; the original church tower bells were saved and later used in the tower of St. John Chrysostom church. Renovations to the church became necessary in later years with a rededication and official opening occurring on April 27, 1969, overseen by the Reverend William J. Smith (Bishop of Pembroke) and the Reverend Monsignor R.E. Dillon (Parish Priest).
Series consists of such items as the 75th Anniversary and Rededication programs, an official opening and rededication invitation, Leo Lavoie’s publication entitled The Church on the Hill, A History of St. John Chrysostom Parish, 1857 to 1982 and a news clipping of the original Roman Catholic church which was replaced by St. John Chrysostom.
Series: St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. -- 1927, ca. 1959-74. -- 1.7 cm of textual records.
The present St. Andrew’s Church on Daniel Street was built by Presbyterians who lost the vote in 1925; the Church officially opened its doors on July 8, 1928. Over the years, the church has come under the leadership of various men including the Rev. D. J. McLean, the Rev. E.J. Kerr (1926), the Rev. Dr. C.J. St. Clair Jeans (1954), and the Rev. Leo E. Hughes (1967). In 1976 the church sanctuary was redecorated in celebration of the 102nd General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. Series consists of such publications as the official monthly record of the Presbyterian Church entitled The Presbyterian Record, centennial and anniversary pamphlets, and a newspaper insert celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.
Series: St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church. -- 1974, 1989. -- 0.5 cm of textual records.
The congregation of St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church was established and organized in 1889 under the direction of the Rev. Gerhardt Brackebusch. Construction of the church was completed in 1890 and dedicated on January 18, 1891. In 1948 and 1970 the church underwent renovations in order to enlarge and modernize its design.
Series consists of such items as the 100th Anniversary Celebration Banquet pamphlet and a publication listing St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church members and committee’s.
Series: Emmanuel Anglican Church. -- 1961, 1977, 1986. -- 0.5 cm of textual records.
Built in 1869, the Emmanuel Anglican church was founded by the Rev. C.T. Denroche but can trace its beginnings to 1861 when the first recorded services of Anglican worship were performed by the Rector of Fitzroy Harbour. Additions to the church were constructed between 1884-1983 and included many renovations over the years. Some of the Rectors of the Parish include the Rev. E.W. Beaven, Rev. A.H. Walley, Rev. R.G. Fiander, Rev. A. Meakin, and the Rev. Archie Hunter.
Series consists of such items as a pictorial booklet listing parishioners of the church (1986), a pamphlet detailing a history of the church, and a news clipping (1977) concerning the Rev. A. Meakin’s transfer from the Emmanuel Anglican Church in Arnprior to Nepean.
Series: Churches--General. -- 1966; 1967; 1988. -- 2 cm of textual records and 1 b&w photo.
Other churches in Arnprior include the Elgin Street Baptist Church, the Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church, the Calvary Baptist Church, the St. John’s Lutheran Church, the First Baptist Church and some other places of worship. Also included is a picture of St. Thomas Anglican Church (Woodlawn, Ontario).
Series consists of clippings about local churches and a photo of Rev. W. A. Beck (?). Also included is a publication called Roots and Branches, A Diary of St. Peter’s Province by Thomas M. Cassidy about the history of the Oblates in Canada since 1841; the Oblates are the largest Roman Catholic Religious Congregation of men in Canada.
Sub-group: Hospitals
In this sub-group, the Museum collected records on hospitals in Arnprior.
Arnprior and District Museum collection F4.2
Series: Hospitals. -- [before 1999]. -- 10 cm of textual records.
Through the efforts of Dr. A. H. Reid (mayor of Arnprior from 1938-1945 and dental surgeon) to convince Daniel McLachlin to sell his property to the Town, Daniel McLachlin did decide in the end to convey his house and a parcel of land (250 ft. by 300 ft.) for the ultimate purpose of establishing a hospital in Arnprior in 1943. This site eventually became known as the Arnprior and District Memorial Hospital (ADMH). Dr. Reid, Dr. J.A. Box and Mr. H.A. Short were a driving force behind the formation of ADMH; a wing was named after Dr. Box--J.H. Box Wing. In 1944, the first meeting of the Directors of the ADMH was held in Grace--St. Andrews United Church Parish Hall. In 1981, the Grove Nursing Home was opened, coming under the jurisdiction of the Hospital Board. The Grove was built for senior citizens requiring long-term care and incapacitated individuals who reside in Arnprior and surrounding area. All residents must require a minimum of 1 and 1/2 hours a day of nursing/personal care. Located on Daniel Street, the Arnprior Medical Center (also known as the Primary health Care Center which was dedicated to the memory of Dr. A.H. Reid) opened in 1958.
Subgroup consists of such items as clippings, invitations to openings and special events, information on statistics (on areas like staff and patient days) at ADMH, history and development of these health care facilities and people involved in operating these facilities. Also included are 40 Years of Service 1945-1985 (journal on ADMH), 3 postcards of ADMH, Silver Anniversary (1945-1970), Fifty Years of Excellence (1945-1995), ADMH’s Anniversary Record newsletter (spring 1995), the hospital newsletters called (two titles: Reflections and Alive and Well) (1996, 1997, 1998, 1999), Board of Director’s Report (September 1998) and press releases.
See also: Article in Arnprior Chronicle, Dec. 4, 1930, page 1, re: proposal to found an Arnprior Hospital.
Sub-group: Recreation
In this subgroup, the Museum collected records on the following: Arnprior and District Arts and Crafts Club, the Curling Clubs, the Arnprior Gulf Club, the Arnprior Horticultural Society, the Chats Lake Yacht Club, skating,
Arnprior and District Museum collection F4.4, wrapped F0.2
Series: Arnprior and District Arts and Crafts Club -- 11 cm of textual records, 4 photos, and ink stamp and stamp pad.
The Arts and Crafts Club held its first meeting July 6, 1971 at Bernie Laderoute’s house; attendees were Bernie Laderoute (Honorary President), Olive Sadler (President), Ellen Krysinski (Vice-President), Jean McTeer (Secretary), Mrs. D. Goulette (Treasurer). The Club’s aim is to foster and promote the development of cottage crafts (weaving, ceramics, leatherwork, needlework) and other home industries in the Arnprior area. Funds are raised through membership fees, exhibits, and sale of goods; some of the funds are used to buy supplies and equipment. Meetings are held regularly (one evening a month).
Series contains such records as the following: scrapbook contains newspaper clippings, 4 b&w photos of artists, and notes about the meetings (oversized red scrapbook of photos) on I2; accounting book (1974-1989), minutes (1971-1977, 1980-1989), ink stamp and stamp pad, yellow notebooks containing bills, receipts, accounts of activities (1977, 1988).
Arnprior and District Museum collection F4.5
Series: Curling Clubs (Ladies Curling Club & Arnprior Curling Club). -- 1906-1993. -- 0.5 cm of textual records.
The Ladies Curling Club held its first annual meeting on April 12, 1905, in the Town Hall. A motion was moved by A.G. Burwash and seconded by W.J. Johnston that Club members be formally recognized as the Ladies Curling Club; this Ladies Club would also be affiliated with the Arnprior Curling Club. In 1938, the Club was runner-up for the Lady Tweedsmuir Trophy, losing 31 to 22 to Outremont; however, in 1954, it won the trophy when it defeated St. George’s 20 to 17. Some of the Club’s early founding members were Ann Whyte, Ida McDougall, Elsie McLachlin, Della Cranston, G. Gillies, W.A. Symington, G.A. Mulvihill, and G.H. Whyte.
Series contains the following items: Arnprior Curling Club 1938-39 Bonspiel Schedule, Arnprior Curling Club Constitution and Bylaws 1936, a 60th anniversary booklet of the Ladies Curling Club, the 125th Anniversary Booklet 1863-1993 and the Constitution and By-laws of the Arnprior Curling Club. In 2013, a handwritten diary/daybook of Mrs. Roy Wood was transferred to the Archives. It contains notes regarding the activities of the women curlers, various bonspiels, meetings etc. in 1957 - 1967
Series: Arnprior Golf Club. -- 1930; 1936 . -- 0.2 cm of textual records.
[See also folder Janet Carmichael in Peter Hessel Fonds]
Arnprior Golf Club holds annual meetings. In 1935, the Club won the Gordon
and O’Brien cups. In 1936, Thomas S. Church was President [see article in Chronicle, Oct. 23, 1930, p. 3, about him]; J.C. Yule was Vice-President; A.D.F. Campbell was Secretary-Treasurer; the Club was managed by a president, vice-president, secretary-treasurer, and directors; members also form committees to accomplish tasks. Some of those who participated in the Club’s events were Dr. A.H. Reid, R.A. Jeffrey, Dr. D.L. McKerracher, Dr. J.H. Box, C.A. Mulvihill, D.A. Gillies.
Series contains one newspaper clipping reporting on the annual banquet in 1936; an award issued to Mrs. T.S. Church for having won the “Hole-in-Two” Ladies Golf Contest in Hamilton, Ontario.
Series: Arnprior Horticultural Society. -- 1937. -- 0.5 cm of textual records.
In 1930, the Arnprior Horticultural Society was set up with the goal to encourage and improve horticultural theories and activities. In pursuit of this goal, it held meetings (the 3rd Monday of January, April, May, and October) and lectures on a regular basis; as well, it held exhibits and distributed awards. It also co-ordinated the import, the procurement, and the distribution of new and valuable kinds of seeds. The Society was managed by a group of officers (president, vice-presidents, secretary, treasurer) and a board of directors; committees were also formed. In 1936, some of the prize winners for such contests as best garden or flowers were J.S. Gillies, R.A. Styles, J.L. Sanders, M. Stewart, M. deRenzy, M. Gaudette, Percy Runtz, Goldie Heise, Sidney Murdock, Garnet Gunn and Arnold Bronskill. Series contains the 1937 Annual Handbook. See also 95-0032, 1934 Annual Handbook
Series: Chats Lake Yacht Club. -- 1977; 1996. -- 0.5 cm of textual records.
The Chats Lake Club in Arnprior is a boat club located on the Ottawa River.
Series contains an article written and researched by R. M. Thomson
Series: Skating. -- 1935; 1966; 1978. -- 0.3 cm of textual records, 1 b&w photo, 1 col. photo
Series contains 1 b&w photo of 1966 North American Silver Stick, Class A, Pee Wee Hockey Champions and a clipping about this photo, 1 color photo of the Arnprior Legion, 1 b&w photo of a winner team, a 1978 ticket to the Arnprior Figure Skating Club and accompanying program.
Sub-group: Businesses
In this subgroup, the Museum collected records on the following: Clancy’s Drug Store, David Craig and Son Ltd., Hobbs Barber Shop, McKerrachers Store, Scheel Windows Ltd.
Also see March 26, 1975 issue of Arnprior Chronicle for articles on Scheel, M. Sullivan and Sons, and M.J. Smolkin’s Clothing firm.
Arnprior and District Museum collection F4.3
Series: Clancy’s Drug Store. -- 0.2 cm of textual records. -- 1854; 1961.
Series contains photocopies outlining the occupants of lot 22, Elgin Street, later occupied by Clancy’s Drug Store.
Series: David Craig and Son Ltd. -- 1971. -- 0.2 cm of textual records.
David Craig and Son Ltd. was a mill set up in Arnprior in 1916. The mill was located alongside the CNR railway tracks on Meehan Street. In 1956, the company purchased the plant of the former Glasgow Station Co-operative.
Series contains clipping from the Arnprior Guide about David Craig and Son Ltd.
Series: Hobbs Barber Shop. -- 1924-1925; 1984. -- 0.4 cm of textual records. Located on John Street, Harris Hobbs ran the business from the 1940’s to 1984. His father, James Earl Hobbs, had purchased the barber shop around 1923 from Sam Pontney.
Series contains two insurance receipts and a clipping. See also 99-0115 Hobbs Family Collection.
Series: McKerrachers Store. -- ____. -- 1.5 cm of textual records.
J. H. McKerrachers and Sons sold china, toys, hardware, and shelf borders.
Series contains a receipt book and a photo clipping.
Series: Scheel’s Windows Limited. -- no date. -- 0.2 cm of textual records.
Scheel’s Windows was established in 1949 by two brothers, Bob Scheel and Arden Scheel. The firm originally started in lumbering and the windows were an off-shoot. The firm does all the wood work on the window frames and glass grinding at their Madawaska Boulevard store.
Series contains a clipping from a local paper.
Series: Businesses, General. -- 1840; 1858; 1933; ____. -- 4 cm of textual records and 2 b&w photos.
Series contains 2 b&w photos: one of E. Farrell Meats (southwest corner of Elgin St.) and the other of Emily Farrell behind counter circa 1960, “Memo-slate for Daily Kitchen Wants” sample manufactured by International Varnish Co. Ltd., Toronto belonging to Mrs. John Stewart, “Pocket Ready Reckoner for the Use of Merchants, Masters of Vessels and Measurers of Timber” (a book on tables showing the number of feet, inches, and parts in a square piece of timber, French and English, 1840), “Empire Life Insurance Co., Toronto--Head Office” (a rate manual used by insurance agents, 1933), “A Complete Ready Reckoner in Dollars and Cents with Interest Tables at 6% and 7%” (a book of tables for the calculation of periodical payments, 1858).
Series: A. F. Campbell & Son Ltd. -- 1960-1976--. 2 cm textual records and 7 b&w photos.
Series consists of newspaper clippings about A. F. Campbell & Sons business and a one page history of Andrew Dey Forgie Campbell who belonged to the Lion's Club. Photos include staff (identified), lumber yard, truck loaded with plywood, house (possibly on Daniel Street).
Arnprior and District Museum collection wrapped F7.7
Series: M. Sullivan & Son Limited. -- 1977-1978. -- o/s item
M. Sullivan & Son Limited was founded in 1914 by Maurice Sullivan. A
family-run construction business, Maurice Sullivan was committed to maintaining a family tradition of a demanding philosophy based on the idea that any building erected by his firm should last as long as the materials used to build it. Very community-minded and proud of their home town of Arnprior, the Sullivan firm has been successful in securing contracts for such projects as construction of schools, bridges, mass housing projects, and theaters in Arnprior and the rest of Canada.
Series consists of a cheque register and cash receipts journal.
Sub-group: Renfrew County -- 1907; 1922-1926; 1961; 1976. -- 7 cm of textual records.
Subgroup contains such records as the following: “Renfrew County Visitor Attraction Study” prepared by Lee Elken Becksted Paulsen Fair (Architects) for the Ministry of Industry and Tourism and the Ministry of Treasury, Economics and Intergovernmental Affairs for Ontario in 1976; the study was commissioned by the Ontario government in 1975; the goal of the study was to identify a commercially viable visitor attraction based upon the historical and cultural resources of the County, particularly those of the square timber and lumbering era of the Upper Ottawa Valley region. Also included is a pamphlet on the “Champlain Trail” where Champlain is believed to have lost his astrolabe (an instrument used for measuring latitude and longitude) in 1613 near the village of Cobden; the astrolabe turned up on the shores of Green Lake by a farm hand in 1867; also included are “Notes on the History of Renfrew County for the Centennial 1961” compiled by Mrs. Carl Price (historian) and Clyde C. Kennedy (archaeologist) of the Ottawa Valley Historical Society; also “Minutes of the Proceeedings and By-laws of the Municipal Council of the County of Renfrew” 1907, 1922, 1923, 1924, 1925 and 1926.
Sub-group: Cemeteries
The Museum collected records on cemeteries the bulk of which are about the Arnprior Albert Street Cemetery.
Arnprior and District Museum collection F4.5, F4.6, F5.1, F5.2
Series:Arnprior Cemetery Committee. -- 1862-1920; 1972. -- 37.7 cm of textual records.
The Arnprior Cemetery is the burying ground of all Protestant denominations and fraternal societies, located at the mouth of the Madawaska River. It is also known as the Inch Bhui cemetery and the Yellow Isle after the ancient burying place of the Clan McNab in Perthshire, Scotland. The Arnprior plot was set aside as a burying ground by Chief McNab in the early days of the settlement and it first appears in legal documents as a reservation in a deed dated March 22, 1847 from Archibald McNab to Charles S. Middleton which covered all of McNab’s property in the vicinity of Arnprior. In 1862, a meeting was held at Edey’s Hotel in Arnprior to fence and further improve the grave yard. Eric Harrington was Secretary-Treasurer. From 1878-1889, the grave yard became a favorite pasture for the village cows; in 1889, a new committee was formed with T.W. Kenny as Chairman. Under Kenny’s leadership, the cemetery once again became a beautiful spot. In 1903, M.D. Graham was Secretary-Treasurer. The care of the cemetery was eventually taken over by a Board of Trustees organized under an Ontario Statute.
Series contains such records as the following: vouchers, receipts, payments and other accounting records related to the costs of managing the cemetery (1897, 1899, from 1902 to 1920), records about the purchase of land to expand the cemetery (lots 30, 31, 32, 33, and 34 on Albert Street), a March 1862 letter from John Robertson about three subscriptions, an accounting book (1896-1905), 1862 minutes about the setting up of the fence and care for the grave yard, March 28, 1862 subscription list to build fence at cemetery, an article by Charles McNamara about the cemetery, orders of service, 2 copies of the Index to the cemetery plots published by the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society, and a 1918 deed to lot 485 part of Arnprior cemetery paid by Lindsay A. Whyte
Arnprior and District Museum collection F5.2
Series: Other Cemeteries. -- 1972 --. 0.3 cm of textual records.
Series contains service programs of other cemeteries and a napkin for Middleville Pioneer Cemetery.
Sub-group: Music
The Museum collected records on the following: Mac Beattie and Ruby Ramsay Rouse.
Arnprior and District Museum collection F0.1
Series: Mac Beattie. -- ca. 1950 -- 1 audio disc.
Born in Arnprior on December 21, 1916 and the only son of Jimmy and Jenny Beattie, Mac Beattie was a singer and a performer whose work revolved around the theme of the Ottawa Valley. Beattie made many appearances on national television radio and stage with his dance band, Mac Beattie and the Melodiers (formed in 1948), from Arnprior. Members of the band included Reg Hill on fiddle, Gaetan Fairfield on rhythm guitar, Jim Mayhew on piano, Gordon Summers on lead guitar, and George Courschesne on electric bass. Ron Brown (from the Family Brown group) played drums with the band occasionally.
Series consist of an album called Mr. Ottawa Valley Mac Beattie and the Ottawa Valley Melodiers (recorded at Carlsound Studios in Ottawa and produced by Ralph Carlson) with such popular songs as “Snowmobiling”, “Gavan’s Hotel at Quyon, Quebec” and “A Tribute to Frank Ryan”.
See also sub-group Authors in Arnprior and District Museum collection, 93-0005.
1 audio disc (ca. 30 mins.) : 33 1/3 rpm; 30 cm, vinyl.
Arnprior and District Museum collection F0.1
Series: Ruby Ramsay Rouse. -- . -- 1 audio disc.
Born in the Ottawa Valley, Ruby Ramsay Rouse played her first concert when she was 6 and a half years old in Almonte, Ontario. At 14, she was the organist at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Ottawa. Later, she was organist at Loew’s Theatre in Toronto. Rouse was associated with CFRB radio station in Toronto for close to 30 years. For several years, she was the official accompanist for “Canadians All” with John Collingwood Reade.
Series consist of her album, Ruby Ramsay Rouse featuring such songs as “Danny Boy” and “Get Me to the Church on Time”, was recorded at Newberry Sound Studio in Toronto and produced by Art Snider and recording engineer Dave Newberry.
1 audio disc (ca. 28 mins.) : 33 1/3 rpm; 30 cm, vinyl.
Arnprior and District Museum collection F8.3
Series: Glasier House Song Book. -- ca. 1881. -- 2.8 cm of textual records (27 cm x 40 cm).
Glasier House was owned by W.S. Glasier of Mattawa.
Series consists of a leather-spine book containing an address and presentation on behalf of a number of residents of School Section No. 8, Fitzroy and vicinity, as well as music and song sheets. The title “Arrival Book” is engraved on book.
Arnprior and District Museum collection F5.3 and wrapped volume F 7.5
Sub-group: Library
The Museum collected records on the following: the Arnprior Public Library.
Arnprior Public Library. -- 1894-1900; 1940-1960; 1964; 1987. -- 7 cm of textual records.
Established in 1895, the Arnprior Public Library originally occupied the Post Office building.
Series contains such records as the accession record (1940-1960) listing such information as author, title, publisher, date of publication, source of acquisition and price (26.5 cm x 36.5 cm, 3.5 cm thick, oversized item), a clipping from the Arnprior Chronicle, March 12, 1964, about the bylaw naming the library-museum for grants, the original bylaw no. 57 establishing a public library board in Arnprior, October 7, 1895 (museum accession no. 992.017.002), 3 leather-bound notebooks listing such information as the title of book and cost (1894-1900), and correspondence about the microfilming of the Arnprior Chronicle project between the library and the Arnprior and District Historical Society.
The Arnprior District Museum collection consists of 14 sub-groups. Some of these sub-groups are broken down into series; some are not. When records were housed in the Museum, each sub-group was dedicated to a box; these boxes were placed in alphabetical order on the shelf. Also included are some of the index cards used by the Museum curator to keep track of donations; the cards were in triplicate and filed according to 1. donor 2. category or subject 3. accession number. This card filing system was not fully maintained during the transfer. Intellectual access to the records is now gained by consulting the finding aid.
Further accruals are expected on an ongoing basis.
Accession No.
Less detail

Arnprior and District Historical Society fonds
1958 - 1994
Arnprior and District Historical Society fonds
Description Level
Physical Description
60 cm of text
approximately 50 photographs; b&w and col.
2 VHS cassette
24 audio cassettes
1958 - 1994
textual records
moving images
sound recordings
Arnprior and District Historical Society fonds
Description Level
Physical Description
60 cm of text
approximately 50 photographs; b&w and col.
2 VHS cassette
24 audio cassettes
History / Biography
The Arnprior and District Historical Society (ADHS) was formed in 1978 to disseminate historical information and awaken interest in the past by publishing historical material in the newspapers and otherwise, by holding meetings with exhibits, addresses, lectures, papers and discussions, by marking historical buildings, sites and roads, and by using the media to encourage public interest.
Acquisition Source
Donated by the Arnprior and District Historical Society, 1993 (Peter Hessel, President) and Kay Rogers 2000.
Scope and Content
Collection consists of the following 7 Series:
ADHS Series 1: Scrap Books. -- 1958-1994. -- 20 cm of textual records. -- approximately 50 photographs; b&w and col.
Series consists of seven scrapbooks (unbound), loose clippings, photographs, and a signature book, pertaining to the activities of the local historical society.
Scrapbooks Photos: H12.2
Photos Description Year
1 b&w, 1 col. 5 members of historical society 1981
1 col. Royal Oak no date
1 b&w Grace St. Andrews United Church on John St. 1936
3 col. Christmas gathering of society members 1970's
1 col. Plaque on "Opeongo Road" no date
2 col. “Flaming Leaf” bus tour no date
8 col. White Lake Historical Day 1992
(festivities, buildings, period costumes)
8 col. Royal Oak Plaque Unveiling no date
1 b&w Executive members 1982-1983
27 col. Society dinners. Names of people in 1982-1984
pictures attached
3 col. Leo Lavoie book signing no date
1 col. Roy MacGregor, Ottawa Citizen columnist 1992
7 col. Bus trip to Athens, Delta (Beverly) Sept. 26, 1992
and Smiths Falls
1 col. Arnprior Town Crest no date
1 col. Edna Carey, President of Society no date
3 col. Aileen Emard, Helen Anglin and Edna Carey
in Victorian period dress no date
3 col. Sean Conway, guest speaker no date
8 col. Local dignitaries, members of
Society and M.P. Len Hopkins
at banquet no date
ADHS Series 2: Administrative Records. -- 1979-2000-- 6 cm of textual records.
Series contains Constitution & Bylaws, Minutes, Agendas, Correspondence, Miscellaneous Administrative records (includes notes regarding trips, activities, reports etc. by Norma Hall), Archives Committee.
ADHS Series 3: Programs & Projects -- 1978-1996 -- 4 cm of textual records. Series consists of material related to various programs and projects undertaken by the Historical Society including: Museum & Library Centennial Project (1963-1967), Exploring our Heritage: The Ottawa Valley Experience (1978), Canadian Pacific Railway Station (1978), House Tour (1979), Heritage Dinners (1985-1996 with gaps), Friends of Heritage Award; Ernest B. Wolff (1985), Speeches by Norma Hall (1986-1988), Presentation of Clan McNab Artifacts (1986) Royal Oak Plaque (1988), the Heritage of Ontario Cemeteries workshop (1989), Governor General's Visit (1991) Miscellaneous Programming (1979-1996), Awards.
Norma Hall's speeches covered the following topics:
Edgewood Estate, McNab settlers, Van Courtland (Van Cortland) connection with Arnprior, Daniel McLachlin in Arnprior, Early Arnprior Houses, Lombardy Place (McLachlin residence - later hospital), The Hill.
ADHS Series 4: Financial Records & Grants. --1980-1995--4 cm of textual records.
Series contains financial records from 1980-1993 and Grants 1984-1995
ADHS Series 5: Publications.--1979-1994--4 cm textual records.
Series contains documentation for publications produced by the Arnprior & District Historical Society including: First Newsletter 1979, The Arnprior Story by Leo Lavoie 1984, Reprint of 1892 Saturday Globe (featuring Arnprior) 1992, Mighty Fine Bread and Fancy Pastries by Peter Hessel 1994, Miscellaneous Pamphlets
ADHS Series 6: Newsclippings and Miscellaneous Historical Research-- 1982-1996--2 cm textual records
Series contains news clippings about the ADHS programs as well as topics of historical interest to the area from various newspapers.
ADHS Series 7: Recordings --1977-1990-- 24 audio cassettes, 2 VHS video cassettes H12.1
Series contains oral history recordings of members of the Arnprior community and recordings of guest speakers at Historical Society dinners. The audiocassettes were recorded by Philip Powell in 1977-1978. Also contained in this series are two videocassettes with CJOH newscoverage of the last Ottawa River log run in 1990.
Interviews 1977
1. Mr. S. Graham, Mrs. Cunningham
2. Jack Murphy
3. Alex Staye, John Hough
Interviews 1978
1. Mr. & Mrs. Belsher
2. Mr. & Mrs. Belsher
3. Miss Mary Blair
4. Harry Buder
5. Tony Deschenes
6. Evan Farmer (case empty)
7. Jean Finnie
8. Hubert Gardner
9. Miss M. Hanson
10. Miss Flora McNab
11. Andrew McNab
12. Mrs. Mansfield
13. Jack Murphy
14. Jack Murphy
15. R. J. Taylor
Miscellaneous Recordings:
2 cassettes of 1930's music
Mrs. Banister about Archives (poor quality recording)
Show & Tell April 1988
2 unidentified cassette tapes
CJOH footage may NOT be reproduced without permission from station.
Accession No.
Less detail
Chats Lake Yacht Club fonds
Description Level
Physical Description
textual records, CD's and one photograph album
textual records
sound recordings
Chats Lake Yacht Club fonds
Description Level
Physical Description
textual records, CD's and one photograph album
History / Biography
The Chats Lake Yacht Club followed an earlier club known as the Sandy Beach Yacht Club which operated in the mid 1940's. In 1962, Colonel Les Smith contacted the Canadian Boat Feberation and formed the Chats Lake Boat Club with the purpose of promoting water safety and boatmanship for younger members, personal recreation and proper charts of the Ottawa River. From 1962 to 1987 and again between 1992-2000, the club provided power boat cruises for Senior Citizen groups up and down the Ottawa River with Pontiac Beach as a destination point for picnics. In 1968, the first sail boats were introduced to the club and sail boat races were held shortly after. The power and sail enthusiasts joined together to form one club as the Chats Lake Yacht Club.
In 1971 the Town of Arnprior leased the present site in Bell Park for "the quiet enjoyment of the people of Arnprior".The first Boat Club executive consisted of Gerald Stokes, Bud Gillespie, John McGonigal, Ed Forrest, Taylor Fitzpatrick, Claude Gougeon.
By December of 1972 the Constitution was written outlining the purposes and objects of the club "to establish, maintain and conduct a club for the accommodation and convenience of its members and to promote, foster and encourage boating for recreation and educational purposes". The constitution was updated in 2007.
Custodial History
Records obtained from various members of the Chats Lake Yacht Club including the Bird, Stokes and Symington families.
Scope and Content
Donation consists of Constitution, Minutes, Agendas, Treasurer's Reports, Financial Records, Membership, Correspondence, News Clippings, Calendar of Events, Newsletters, Posters & Photographs
File 1 - Lease Agreement of May 1971, Constitution 1972 and 2007, Executive Responsibilities of CLYC (undated), Copy of Indenture dated August 1 1961 between James Morris and the Town of Arnprior for Bell Park subject to the provision that the land is used in perpetuity as a Park known as "Bell Park" by the grandchildren of James and Kathleen Bell (Morris family), "for the benefit of the youth of Arnprior in grateful memory of the happy summers spent with their grandparents in Arnprior and at Marshall's Bay".
File 2 - Minutes and Agendas 1997-2014 with gaps
File 3 - Treasurer's Reports and Financial Records 1997-2007
File 4 - Membership Lists and information (CLOSED until 2050)
File 5 - Correspondence 1996-1998, 2008
File 6 - Newsclippings including article about the building of the club house in 2002
File 7 - Calendar of Events, Newsletters and Posters 1994-2006 with major gaps
File 8 - CLYC History and miscellaneous records such as charts and Commodore's reports (unsorted)
Photograph Album - personal album compiled by Owen and Helen Bird; contains 14 b&w and approx 60 colour photos of members and events as well as some posters, newsletters and news clippings about the CLYC.
CD #1 containing 20 images from Chats Lake Yacht Club members photograph album and 23 images taken by L. Dougherty of the CLYC club house and area around it at Bell Park. Albums were returned to Yacht Club and various families in 2015.
CD #2 and 15 images from Bird family (images scanned from album described above).
CD #3 containing 15 images from Stokes family, 8 images from Symington family
CD #4 containing Oral History recording of Owen and Helen Bird about the history of the club conducted by Laurie Dougherty 22 October 2014.
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