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Peter Hessel collection
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Peter Hessel collection
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1. Photocopy of pictures (from Saturday Globe, Oct. 1, 1892 - except “Lang Home” - source?) of the following buildings: Woollen Mill on Madawaska Street, Stafford’s sash, door and furniture factory and store, “Edgewood”: residence of Claude McLachlin), “The Hill”: residence of Daniel McLachlin, later of H.F. McLachlin, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church (later Grace-St. Andrew’s United Church), Methodist Church and parsonage, “The Lang Home” on John Street North, (built for Hugh McLachlin for his mother in 1874.
2. Photocopy of pictures of “Edgewood”, “The Hill” and the “Lang Home” - same as above.
3. Hand-coloured print (ca. 1860s) of Stafford’s sash, door and furniture factory (just north of the present Arnprior Museum), and the residence of B.V. Stafford (building still standing in 2002, opposite the IGA store). Also a photocopy of this print and a copy of the photo of the Stafford factory as in item 1. The original hand-coloured print was purchased by Peter Hessel in Ottawa in 1992 for $25 and donated to the Archives.
4. Small letterhead with photo of “Post Office, Arnprior” in top left corner.
5. Event recorded: Chronicle of Aug. 17, 1944, p. 1 has an article about the Powell Block being sold, then known as “Russell Corner”.
6. Clipping from Chronicle, May 8, 2002: “Major expansion in the downtown” re start of construction of the $400,000 extension of the Gallery Gift Shop by the Pocket family on the southwest corner of John and Madawaska. Photo of (l. to r.) Tara Pocket-Jack, Margaret Pocket, Anthony Pocket. Attached: clipping of article about Tara Pocket, “Out of Africa”, by Julia Elliott (Citizen, Aug. or September 2003).
7. Eight colour photos by Peter Hessel of the building (see 6.) in various phases of construction in 2002.
8. Photo by Peter Hessel showing renovations to Arnprior Guardian Drugs building. Foreground: owner Peter Wilson. 2002.
9. Two colour photos by Peter Hessel of Kirkman House Bed and Breakfast, on John Street, Arnprior (2002).
10. Five colour photos taken by Peter Hessel in Arnprior in the late 1990s. Elgin Street (former Stafford building: see Item 2); Riley Monument Works on Daniel Street (just before demolition); Arnprior Mall.
11. Photocopy of Christmas card showing the house once situated on the east side of Daniel street at Madawaska. It was torn down in the 1970's. This house was built by McLachlin Bros. and used as an office at one time. It was laster the home of Augustine F. Long and Esther Kathleen Long (nee Hornidge). Esther Long was the Grand Aunt of Linda (McCabe) Chandler who donated the image (Linda's grandfather's sister). The original remains with donor. Photocopied page also contains extracts about the ownership of the lot taken from Arnprior Copy Book #1.
12. Original photograph of Moskos Variety Store circa 1957, located on North East corner of John and Elgin Streets. Donated by Irene Robillard in 2017 (belonged to Wayne Robillard).
Re Stafford R. Rudd: see also article in Chronicle, May 2, 1919, page 3 (N584, reel 2) about “first-class planing mill, sash and door factory” by Stafford R. Rudd & Co. See article in Chronicle, June 27, 1930 on the occupants of the new Barnes Block on the west side of John Street in Arnprior. Event recorded: see Watchman, June 1, 1917, page 5: article on the construction of the Moskos Sugar Bowl restaurant building.
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