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Pine Grove Women's Institute fonds.
Description Level
Physical Description
1 bound book stored within a pine box
14 bound volumes
6 cm of textual records.
textual records
Pine Grove Women's Institute fonds.
Description Level
Reproduction Location
Digitized Tweedsmuir book in Common Folder
Physical Description
1 bound book stored within a pine box
14 bound volumes
6 cm of textual records.
History / Biography
The Pine Grove Women's Institute, part of Renfrew South District, was formed in 1914 and disbanded in 1999. The branch was responsible for knitting socks for the Red Shield war effort, having mail boxes named and sending treats of fruit to the local school for Christmas. The Women's Institutes were very active in fundraising, scholarship programs and in keeping the history of their local communities recorded.
Acquisition Source
Donated by the Women's Institute, Pine Grove, 1993 c/o Museum and minutes, correspondence donated by Betty Comba in May 1999, accounts by Irene Robillard 2004. A photo of a group of ladies was donated by Amy Kelly in 2011. Women's Institute Story donated 2012.
Scope and Content
Collection consists of 4 Series: Minute Books (1944-1999); Tweedsmuir histories (1914-1989); Golden Jubilee Booklet (1963); minutes, correspondence (1988-1998) and Accounts (1990 - 1999); Ontario WI History Story
Pine Grove Women's Institute: Series 1
Minute Books. -- May 1944-March 1999. -- 12 bound volumes; 22 x 27 cm.
Series comprises minute books containing information concerning upcoming activities, purchases, organizing, financial accounts and roll call. The minute books comprising the years 1914-1943 were burned in a fire at Del Hudson's residence.
Pine Grove Women's Institute: Series 2
Tweedsmuir Histories. -- 1914-1989. -- 1 volume; 32 x 37 cm stored within a pine box 37 x 43 cm.
The book contains a Table of Contents. Some families mentioned are Abraham, Adrain, Bahm, Bayford, Bedore, Boese, Campbell, Collins, Dodd, Findlay, Flint, Fraser, Glenn, Havey, Greene, Hutson, Hyde, Lenser, MacLaren, McComb, McCormick, McCreary, McNab, Moir, Mooney, Ritchie, Russett, Saunders, Staye, Van Dusen, and Yuill.
Besides information concerning the branch and its members, the book contains the following information:
- 1861 map of Pine Grove
- History of early settlement in McNab Twp. and Pine Grove, including a memoir of Peter Campbell’s 1845 barn raising.
- World War 1 and 2 honour roll
- Farm and house histories, including photos
- History of Pine Grove School (S.S.#9)
- Businesses in Pine Grove, including Crown Motel
- Summary of histories of churches in Arnprior
- Yearly highlights of community/Canadian events from 1969 to 1990
- 1988 annexation of part of McNab to Arnprior
- 1989 cairn unveiling with list of contributors
- Newspaper clippings of many events/celebrations
The photos in the Tweedsmuir History are listed below (pages reference original book and not digitized copy)
Photo Description Year
1 col. Waba Cottage, White Lake no date, p. 26
1 b&w Abraham Farm no date, p. 41
3 col. Don Campbell Farm no date, p. 44
1 b&w Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Campbell Home no date, p. 46
1 b&w H. Ross Campbell no date, p. 47
1 b&w Mr. & Mrs. Warren Campbell Farm Aerial no date, p. 48
1 col. Collins Home no date, p. 49
1 b&w James Fraser Farm no date, p. 52
1 b&w Stanley Fraser Farm no date, p. 53
1 b&w Johnston Home no date, p. 57
2 b&w Crown Motel & Lenser Home no date, p. 58
1 b&w Kenneth Russett Farm no date, p. 59
1 col. Colin C. Ritchie Farm no date, p. 61
1 col. Bob Saunders Home no date, p. 63
1 b&w VanDusen Farm no date, p. 64
2 b&w Old School House no date, p. 65
14 b&w Pine Grove Women's Institute Members 1958, p. 73-74
1948, 1960, p. 83
no date, p. 89-92
1 col. Mrs. Moir, citizen of the year P.G.W.I. 1967, p. 94
4 col. Centennial Quilt 1967, p. 97
1 col. Members at Centennial events 1967, p. 101
1 col. Mrs. Moir presenting Mrs. Campbell
with a life membership 1975, p. 119
2 b&w, 4 col. Members and activities no date, p. 127, 129, 132
1 b&w Members at Burnstown no date, p. 131
1 b&w, 10 col. Institute Award no date, p. 134-136
1 b&w, 1 col. Pakenham 85th Anniversary no date, p. 139
2 col. Meetings, Nov. & Oct. 1982, p. 140
1 b&w, 1 col. Members, 70th Anniversary p. 142
2 col. Meeting, 1984 p. 143
3 col. Pine Grove Area 1986, p. 146
4 col. Plaque dedication & meetings 1987-1989,
p. 154-155
1 col. Plaque dedication at the Cairn during
White Lake festivities 1989, p. 155-157
1 b&w Group of WI Ladies separate envelope with Tweedsmuir book
Pine Grove Women's Institute: Series 3
Golden Jubilee Booklet. -- 1963. -- 1 booklet; 21 x 26 cm.
Series contains a booklet chronicling the 50th anniversary of the Renfrew South Women's Institutes. Booklet contains history and photographs of members of the Institute.
Pine Grove Women's Institute. Series 4
Ontario Women's Institute Story - 1972 - 1 book, 2 cm.
Access Restriction
Tweedsmuir Book - please use digitized version rather than original. Available in resources folder. Searchable online through the FWIO Virtual Archives.
Further accruals are expected
Related Material
See also: Golden Jubilee, A History of Renfrew South Women’s Institute, 1913-1963 in Dewar Women’s Institute Collection.
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