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1855 – 1975
Stewart Famco fonds
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Physical Description
5 m : textual; 1.4 m : photographs
1855 – 1975
textual records
Stewart Famco fonds
Description Level
Physical Description
5 m : textual; 1.4 m : photographs
History / Biography
A. The donor company Stewart Famco Ltd., is a private, Ontario land-holding company (924099 Ontario Inc.) incorporated on December 31, 1990, and owned by the five children of Duncan Edward Stewart and Elizabeth (Bessie) Wallace Stewart nee McLaren. The company’s purpose is to administer certain tracts of land transferred to the company by their father for the joint benefit of the five owners. The owners, who hold equal shares, are: Elizabeth Stewart-Hessel of Waba, President; Judy Cerigo of Waba; David Stewart of Renfrew; Neil Stewart of White Lake; Madeline Stewart of Pakenham. B. The creators of the fonds Stewart Brothers, a family partnership operated in the hamlet of Waba, Township of McNab (now the Township of McNab/Braeside) in Renfrew County, Ontario, from the 1840s or 1850s to 1968. The sawmill part of the business continued to operate in Waba under other ownership until 1981. Thus, there were continuous sawmill operations in Waba for about 130-140 years. The first record of the industrial enterprises that became Waba Mills dates from 1848, when Alexander Stewart of Beckwith Township paid the Crown $40 for 200 acres on Lot 2, Concessions 4 and 5, McNab Township. This land was on both sides of Waba Creek (then called Waba Brook or Waba River) and included the use of substantial waterfalls. It is uncertain whether Alexander erected a sawmill himself or whether he only purchased the land for development by his sons. Donald Stewart was 19 in 1848, while his brothers Robert and John were only 15 and 7, respectively. No records have been found so far which indicate the exact date when the first Stewart sawmill was built in Waba. It is recorded, however, that the Stewarts built the dam across Waba Creek in 1852. The sawmill was located on the west side of Waba Creek used the power of the falls, which were about 4 meters high, to propel the turbines. In the beginning an upright saw was used, but by about 1880, the operation was changed to circular saws. According to the Biographical Directory of Lanark County Subscribers, John Stewart moved to Renfrew County in 1855. In 1859, a barley and grist mill was built, which not only produced pot barley, but was also grinding the farmers’ own barley and oats as feed. An account of barley bought and sold is contained in the 1859-83 General Store Ledger. When the railway reached Pakenham in 1864, the sawmill's lumber products were taken there, mostly in the winter by sleigh, then shipped by train to Brockville for trans-shipment to Canadian and U.S. markets. Stewart Brothers of Waba won the contract to build School Section 11 (Waba). They started construction in December 1873 and finished in June 1874 at a cost of $650. In 1883, Robert Stewart was farming on Lot 2, Concession 4, while Donald Stewart and his youngest brother John were operating the sawmill and other enterprises. Donald died of pneumonia that year, so John Stewart took the main responsibility as principal partner in the business. A planing mill was built in 1885 and a shingle mill in 1895. It produced cedar shingles and shakes and operated until 1938 when asphalt products were rapidly replacing wooden shingles. The hamlet of Waba owes its existence to these early mill operations. Virtually everyone in and near Waba was employed at the mills, at least on a part-time basis. Even after the huge McLachlin mills in Arnprior and the Gillies mills in Braeside swung into full operation, business in Waba continued to grow. In addition to lumber for construction purposes (mostly white pine), the Stewart Mills became known for several specialty wood products such as cloth boards for the textile industry, cheese boxes, laths, etc. However, after gypsum board replaced the old lath and plaster method of finishing inside walls and ceilings, laths were no longer in demand. A disastrous fire on December 6, 1956 destroyed the 100-year-old original wooden buildings. Although he had no insurance, Duncan built a new, more modern mill in the following spring. In December 1968, the Stewart family sold the business to Edwin Kennedy, an American entrepreneur who also owned a sawmill in Calabogie. After another fire in 1970, Kennedy obtained a large government grant and erected new, fireproof steel and concrete buildings. After operating that mill for 10 years, Kennedy sold the business to another firm. When that company went bankrupt in 1981, sawmill operations and all industrial endeavors in Waba came to an end. The machinery, equipment and logs were sold by auction. Duncan Stewart bought the empty buildings and the land back from the Trustee. He sold the main mill buildings to a company that dismantled and moved them to Tillsonburg, Ont., where they were set up again as a sawmill and moved toTillsonburg, Ontario. He sold the former mill office as a home. The remaining small buildings and the site are still owned by members of the Stewart family. The Stewart Brothers also owned and operated a general store in Waba, just west of the sawmill. Between 1889 and 1947 the Waba Post Office was in the store as well. John Stewart, Alexander N. Stewart, Duncan G. Stewart and Duncan G. Stewart all served as postmasters. The general store was closed and the building sold in 1968. C. Administrative relationships In addition to the post office, which, of course was operated for the Dominion of Canada and “On His/Her Majesty’s Service”, the Stewart Brothers also had a close business relationship with local farmers who had formed a cheese factory cooperative. This factory was located on Stewart land on the east bank of Waba Creek. While the cooperative was responsible for the production under cheesemaker James Poole, Stewart Brothers looked after the sales and marketing of the products. This was a symbiotic relationship. Starting in 1899, Stewart Brothers also manufactured cheese boxes made of elm veneer. In 1900, the boxes sold for 12 cents a piece; they were shipped to cheese factories all over North America. Waba cheese on the other hand sold for 10 cents a pound wholesale that year, mostly to wholesalers in Ottawa and Montreal. A major customer was the firm of Edward McGillivray in Ottawa. Biographical Sketches The following biographical sketches include the patriarch, founders and operators of Stewart Brothers enterprises in Waba from 1848 - 1968. Additional biographical sketches of the extended Stewart family can be found in the ‘Family Gallery Photographs’ sub-series. Three John Stewarts’ have been identified in this fonds by their place of birth. John Stewart (Beckwith) is profiled below while John Stewart (Horton) and John Stewart (Scotland) appear in the ‘Family Gallery Photographs’ sub-series. Alexander Stewart was born in the tiny clachan of Croftcarnach near the hamlet of Borenich on Loch Tummel, Perthshire, Scotland, in 1792. In 1818, he immigrated to Canada together with his brother John Stewart. While John settled at Robertson’s Corners, about 2 km from Waba, Alexander farmed at Black’s Corners in Beckwith Township, where he also became a general-store merchant (known as “Merchant Stewart” or “Merchant Sandy”). In 1821 he married Elizabeth nee Douglass. They had four sons and one daughter. Although it is not known whether Alexander operated a sawmill in Waba or only prepared the site for his sons, he can be regarded as the founder of the Waba Mills enterprises, since he purchased the land in 1848. He died at his farm home in Black’s Corners on Sep. 15, 1892, just short of his 100th birthday. Donald Stewart was born in Beckwith Township on August 8, 1829, the son of Alexander Stewart and Elizabeth nee Douglass. He was educated in Carleton Place and then moved to Waba, where he became the principal partner of Stewart Brothers. In addition to his business interests, he was active in politics and public affairs. For example, as a local councillor in 1860, he introduced a motion for starting a public library. He supplied and donated most of the building material when the Presbyterian Church in White Lake was built in 1881. In 1862 and again from 1869 to 1875, he served a Reeve of McNab Township, and in 1875 as Warden of Renfrew County. In the 1871 Ontario election, he was defeated as the Reform Party candidate in his riding. Donald remained a bachelor. When his frame home on Waba Creek was destroyed by fire in 1878, he replaced it with a substantial stone house in the following year. He also operated the Waba General Store across the street from his home. He died of pneumonia on April 29, 1883. Robert Stewart was born on April 22, 1833 in Beckwith Township, the son of Alexander Stewart and Elizabeth nee Douglass. He farmed in Waba on Lot 2, Concession 4. When his older brother Donald died in 1883, Robert inherited the large stone house in Waba. For a short time, he also co-owned the mill and store with his brother John. Robert married Margaret [or Elizabeth?] Rae. They had 2 daughters. John Stewart (Beckwith) was born in Beckwith Township on December 21, 1841, the youngest son of Alexander Stewart and Elizabeth nee Douglass. He became the youngest partner of the Stewart Brothers enterprises in Waba. He married Margaret Robertson of Robertson's Corners. They had seven children, including Duncan Gordon Stewart. He built a substantial white frame house above Waba Creek. John served two terms as Reeve of McNab Township (1879-89 and 1906-13). During the latter period, he also served as Warden of Renfrew County. John Stewart died in Waba on August 27, 1925. Alexander Newton Stewart, born in Waba on Aug. 26, 1873, son of John Stewart and Margaret nee Robertson. He operated Stewart Brothers in partnership with his brother Duncan Gordon, handling mostly the accounting and business end. He remained unmarried and lived in the house built by his father John. He died in Waba on September 3, 1934, leaving the house to his nephew, Duncan Edward Stewart. Duncan Gordon Stewart was born in Waba on June 27, 1875, the second son of John Stewart and Margaret nee Robertson. He married Ethel Margaret nee Stewart (no relation) on May 5, 1909. They had 2 children: Duncan Edward Stewart and Margaret Robertson Stewart (one other child died in infancy). When his father John died in 1925, Duncan and his brother Alexander (Andy) took over the firm. Duncan died in Waba on October 3, 1954 in his 80th year. While Duncan was mainly responsible for the technical operations, Alexander handled the business side. Duncan Stewart died in Waba on October 3, 1954. Duncan Edward Stewart was born in Waba on May 10, 1910, the only son of Duncan G. Stewart and Ethel nee Stewart. He was educated at Renfrew Collegiate and Queen’s University, where he graduated with a degree in electrical engineering in 1934. When his uncle Alexander, who was unmarried, died in 1934, Duncan was asked to enter the business as a partner with his father and his aunt Margaret (who remained a silent partner). In 1936, he married Elizabeth [Bessie] Wallace nee McLaren of Renfrew. They had five children. After his father's death in 1954, Duncan managed the firm alone. In his retirement, Duncan Stewart served for many years as trustee for the Renfrew County School Board. He died in Waba, of lung cancer, on July 31, 1996.
Acquisition Source
When the Stewart Brothers enterprises were sold in 1968, Duncan E. Stewart kept most of the business papers in his residence in Waba. Some were stored in his home office, others in an unheated loft above the garage. Before Duncan E. Stewart died, he had allowed his son-in-law Peter Hessel to transfer some of the documents for safekeeping to Peter Hessel’s office in Waba. While Peter Hessel had urged Duncan to donate all the documents to the Arnprior and District Archives, he decided to leave that decision to his family. Upon Duncan’s death in 1996, the papers became the property of his widow, Elizabeth (Bessie) Stewart nee McLaren. She and her 5 children agreed when Peter Hessel suggested that the family company donate the papers to the Archives. In 1998, Peter Hessel transferred part of total collection of remaining documents to his office. A large number of papers were not taken because they were either too badly deteriorated or not of lasting value. When the Archives Board of Management agreed to accept the papers, he transferred them to the Archives in January 1999.
Scope and Content
The Stewart Famco fonds consists of business records relating to the operations and the history of the Stewart Brothers enterprises as well as Stewart family private papers which contain genealogical research files, journals and photographs. Files containing material related to land holdings, surveying and correspondence are also contained in this fonds.
Contained in the Correspondence series are seven letter books kept by Donald and John Stewart between 1870 and 1923. They are a rich source of information pertaining to business, township, county, provincial and private affairs. It is in these letter books that we find responses to various issues presented to Donald Stewart as reeve of the township between 1869 and 1875. In April 1891, John Stewart wrote of his decision to build a cheese factory in Waba. Various Cheese factory account books are contained in the Miscellaneous Accounting Records sub-series.
The types of photographs contained in this fonds are typical examples of photographic technique and style as it had penetrated into small town Ontario in the last quarter of the 19th century. Some remarkably beautiful portraits by the Handford studios of Renfrew stand out from the rest. The collection of photographs contained in the Stewart Family series is exceptional because many of the people are identified. The photographs and journals of family members help to put the textual files into human context.
Prior to deposit in the Arnprior & District Archives, the fonds was gathered together by Peter Hessel, Duncan Edward Stewart’s son-in-law. He provided the administrative history, biographical notes and custodial history for this finding aid. He had access to this material while writing his book, McNab – The Township. It should be consulted for more information about the settlement, development and resources of the area in which the Stewart Brothers operated their business enterprises and raised their family.
1855 - 1970 4.75 m
This large series contains Miscellaneous Accounting Records, Day Books, Waba General Store Accounts and Textual Files relating to the operation of the various Stewart family enterprises.
Records from the Stewart Brother’s lumber businesses (including the sawmill, shingle mill, and specialty products), the barley mill, cheese factory, general store and Waba Post Office are contained in the 19 ledgers and other accounting books and files which constitute this series. The records show continuous business activity over a span of 100 years belonging to the industrious and prosperous Stewart family.
The letter books and other correspondence in the Stewart Brothers Correspondence series should be consulted along with the accounts in this series to gain a complete understanding of the extent and variety of the Stewart Brothers activities.
Miscellaneous Accounting Records Sub-Series 99-0107-1-1
1859-1969 1 m
This sub-series consists of bound volumes which contain accounts from various businesses,
Cheese Co-operatives and churches with which the Stewart family was involved. It is arranged chronologically and each ledger is described separately. The Payroll ledger for 1968 - 1969 is restricted due to personal information.
Burnstown and White Lake Presbyterian Congregation Ledger 1859-1869 Folder I 1.4
Part 1 - Entries by parishioner stating stipends paid to Reverend S. C. Fraser
Part 2 - Running Balance
Part 3 - Statement of amounts received at regular and special meetings at Burnstown and White Lake.
Alexander Stewart and John Paris were paying $20.00 per year each from 1860 - 1864. The minister was being paid $400.00 per year. Duncan E. Stewart’s handwritten index included with book.
Stewart Bros. Invoices 1886 - 1895 Folder I 1.1
Invoices from various suppliers which were pasted onto blank pages of ledger. Goods were shipped from Montreal, Kingston, Ottawa, Merrickville, Almonte, Carleton Place, Brockville, Pembroke, Toronto, St. Catherines, Hamilton etc. (Approx. 12 per page x 100 pages = 1200 invoices)
Example: invoice from James Robertson, general metal merchant of Montreal dated July 5th 1886 for a circular saw costing $7.46
Waba Cheese Factory Statements 1889 - 1906 Box I 1.5
Includes month end sales of cheese entries and individual accounts.
General Store Accounts November 1892 to August 1895 Box I 1.6
Many marked settled. Entries in pen refer to date entered in Accounts. Many marked “time given”. John Ring bought several items (pants, tobacco, moccasins, mittens) in November of 1894 and worked it off with “time given in shanty.”
Shanty Payroll Accounts 1904 - 1921 Folder I 1.3
Notes: for Shanty crew (leather spine is turning to powder)
Waba Cheese Factory Accounts 1911 Box I 1.6
“Lawrence’s Cheese Factory Account Book” lists 65 milk suppliers in the index at front with monthly accounts of milk supplied and butter and cheese sold.
Waba Cheeses Factory Pay Sheet 1911 Box I 1.6
loose pages give summary of milk supply, debit to account and balance of various suppliers.
Waba Cheese Factory Accounts 1916 Box I 1.6
“Bryce’s Cheese Factory Account Book” lists 80 milk suppliers in the index at front with monthly accounts of milk supplied and butter and cheese sold.
Duncan E. Stewart Personal Accounts Payable Dec.1953 - July 1954 Folder I 1.2
Amounts paid to businesses, government and individuals.
Notes: Two pages of entries made on the back pages of old ledger in which the first 58 pages had been torn out.
Payroll cash book 1967-1968 Box I 1.6
Lists employees wages and deductions.
Access Restricted
Stewart Bros General Ledger 1966-1967 Box I 1.6
Headings: Cash, Bank, Ledger, Wages, Pension, Hosp Mdse (?), Wood Lumber, Sales Tax, Purchases, Mdse Logs, Hauling, Int Exc Gas & Oil. Bank Loan, ? Saw Filing , sawing, planing, Mill, Rep Prop, motors D.E.S., Sundries
Stewart Brothers General Ledger March to November 1969 Folder I 3.6
Amounts posted to various accounts.
Day Books Sub-Series 99-0107-1-2
1868 - 1951 1 m Folders I 2.1 to I 2.14
This sub-series contains Day Book entries made by John Stewart listing various items bought in general store. He often noted where the buyer was from eg. Beckwith, Ramsay, Almonte etc.
Each entry is separated from the next by solid lines.
The July 1872 - December 1874 Day Book contains entries written sideways in the margin. These alpha numeric cross references correspond to specific page numbers in the General Store Accounts Receivable Ledger for 1872 - 1876. John Stewart also used an X in the margin to indicate the transfer of entries from the Day Book to the accounts Receivable Ledger.
The Day Book for May 1949 - May 1951 records sales at the saw mill while the rest of the day books in this sub-series pertain to the general store in Waba.
Day Books:
Jan 1868 - June 1872
July 1872 - December 1874
July 1887 - November 1878
August 1880 - December 1881
December 1881 - April 1883
May 1883 - March 1884
November 1884 - May 1885
May 1885 - October 1885
May 1888 - December 1889
May 1894 - April 1900
November 1904 - June 1912
June 1912 - January 1915
July 1934 - June 1940
May 1949 - May 1951
Waba General Store Account Books Sub-Series 99-0107-1-3
1855 - 1876 50 cm Folders I 3.1 to I 3.6
This sub-series contains 5 ledgers which are described separately below. Of note is John Halliday’s shanty account on pages 352 & 402 of the 1874 ledger.
General Store Accounts Ledger 1855 - 1883 (21 cm x 35 cm)
Part 1 - Running Balance of Credit and Debit
- Individual accounts of for dry goods and other supplies Debit on left page, Credit on the right. Amounts listed in pounds (L), shilling (S) and pence (D). Example: Samuel Green’s account listed under Credit “March 17, By 1 Standard oak log 3 (S)”, “Debit for December 12, To Saw Mill in Boards 100 feet 3 (S).
Part 2 - Treasurers Account for the Township of McNab 1858
Part 3 - Account of Barley Bought and Sold 1859-1883
(Also includes one page of Shingles sold in 1861)
Barley was used for livestock feed, malt for beer etc. Stewart’s had a seed cleaner, barley polisher mill and grist mill.
General Store Accounts Ledger 1881 - 1889
Individual accounts Receivable and Payable for dry goods and other supplies. Debits on left side of page, Credit on the right.
General Store Accounts Ledger A 1855 - 1868
Individual accounts Receivable and Payable for dry goods and other supplies Debit on left page, Credit on the right.
Notes: Contains several notes to Edmond Ring to please let the bearer have one Butter firkin and charge the same to account for A. Stewart and Donald or John Stewart on folio (page) 132
General Store Accounts Ledger B 1868 - 1872
Individual accounts Receivable for dry goods and other supplies. Debit on left page, Credit on the right.
General Store Accounts Ledger 1872 - 1876
Notes: Alphabetical Index at front of ledger
Individual accounts Receivable for dry goods and other supplies. Appears to be a summary of purchases taken from day books (possibly entered monthly).
Individuals and businesses listed from Horton, Appleton, Almonte (Rosamond Woolen Co.), Clay Bank, Arnprior etc.
John Halliday’s Shanty Account 1874-75 on pages 352 & 402
Textual Files Sub-Series 99-0107-1- 4
1907 - 1970 10 cm Box I 4.5
This sub-series is arranged chronologically. There are significant gaps in the Time Books. The sub-series contains: 1949 - 1952, 1956 - 1958 and1973 - 1975. There are also gaps in the Financial statements. This sub-series contains: 1935, 1952, 1953, 1958, 1963 & 1967.
File List:
1907 - 1908 Cash Sales at Mill
1934 - 1950 Stewart Bros. Accounts
1948 - 1963 General Ledger
1949 - 1975 Time Books
1951 -1968 General Ledger
1959 - 1983 Miscellaneous Ledgers and Records
1935 - 1967 Financial Statements
1964 - 1968 General Ledger
1967 List of Assets & Inventory
1968 - 1970 Cheque Stubs
John Stewart (Beckwith) Invoices Sub-Series 99-0107-1-5
1877 - 1931 15 cm Box I 5.2
This sub-series contains five files (approx. 500) of invoices, statements and pieces of correspondence documenting the inventory and management of the Waba General Store. They have been arranged in date order by month and year. This sub-series is a rich source of documentation of late 19th and early 20th century village commerce.
One letter from 1884 is from John Shaw, an Arnprior druggist. He inquires of John Stewart about “good ash lumber suitable for making drawers, counters etc.”.
The files contain numerous examples of invoices from suppliers of dry goods, cloth, yarn, leather goods, paint, wallpaper, biscuits etc. Stewart dealt with suppliers from Ottawa, Kingston, Montreal and elsewhere. Local invoices from 1913 include: J. W. Munro, F.R. Hatton, Galetta Roller Mills, Osborne’s, Griffin & Brennan, Perchy W. Smith, J. S. Moir Hardware, Findlay Brothers, Carleton Place and R. A. Snedden, Pakenham.
John Stewart (Merchant) Invoices 1877 - 1899
John Stewart (Merchant) Invoices 1901 - 1913
John Stewart (Merchant) Invoices 1919 - 1921
John Stewart (Merchant) Invoices 1922
John Stewart (Merchant) Invoices 1931
1860 - 1983 1 m
This series consists of textual files containing correspondence and notes regarding land holdings as well as note books compiled by Duncan Edward Stewart pertaining to land holdings and listings of land surrounding Waba and the White Lake area. One file of various indentures and three bundles of oversized documents are also contained in this series. They are arranged by date and listed as separate items. Many people deposited their land records in the Stewart Mill’s safe because it was the only safe in the Waba area.
Textual Files: Box I 1.7
1871 and 1893 Registration of Timber Marks by Donald Stewart
1886 - 1903 Mary and Edward Spinks - Darling Estate
1897 - 1983 Correspondence re: Land Holdings, Surveying etc.
1911 - 1946 Notes re: Surveying & Land Holdings
1944-1949 Claims related to Timber Cuts on Stewart land
1967 Release of Pine documents from Lands & Forests
Note Books: Box I 1.7
Darling Township
Black Donald
Darling - South Side
Bagot Township
Various Indentures: Box I 1.7
1860 John O’Neil to George Grogan for West ½ of lot 22 in the 8th concession and part of west half of lot 23 in the 8th concession of Pakenham township.
1874 George Grogan to James Seward for east ½ of the west ½ of lot 22 in the 8th concession of Pakenham.
1901 John Thoms and William Barber for the north west part of lot 25 in the 2nd concession of Pakenham.
1908 James Bell and James Stewart for timber rights and lease on various properties on the 11th and 12th concession in the township of Darling
1919 John H. Bandy to Charles M. Bandy for lot 27 (& stock & implements) in the 8th concession of Pakenham township.
1920 John Beatty Hamilton to Edmond Laurence Carr for the north ½ of lot 3 in the 4th concession of Carr township in the county of Temiskaming.
1920 James Legree and Laurence Ruddy for west ½ of lot 25 in the 9th concesssion of Pakenham.
1921 Gordon C. and Kenneth C. Murray and John P. Gordon (all of Las Pas Manitoba) regarding mineral claims.
1924 John H. Scott and John Stewart for timber upon the west ½ of lot 23 in the 9th concession of Darling township.
1925 James McIntyre and Duncan McIntyre for west ½ of lot 5 in the 2nd concession of Bagot.
1939 Fred Johnson and J.P. Gordon regarding mining claims.
Land Grants: In Map Cabinet #3, Dwr 9
Bundle #1 (oversize)
1. 1836 to Busted Greene for West half of lot number 22 in the 8th Concession of Pakenham township and some land in lot number nine in the third concession.
2. 1846 to Henry O’Neil for South west and South east quarters of lot number 25 in the 7th Concession of Pakenham township.
3. 1858 to John Spence for West half of lot number 19 in the 9th concession of McNab.
4. 1860 to John Spence for West half of lot number 18 in the 9th concession of McNab.
5. 1867 to Flora Cameron for the North East half of lot number 12 in the 3rd concession of McNab.
6. 1886 to Anthony Ludgate for the North half of lot number 4 in the 1st concession of Bagot township.
7. 1899 to Joseph Barry for the broken lot number 20 in the 10th concession of Darling.
8. 1899 to John Ludgate for the South half of lot number 4 in the 1st concession of Bagot
Various Indentures In Map Cabinet #3, Dwr 9
Bundle #2 (oversize)
(Includes Bargain & Sales, Quit Claims, Discharge of Mortgage etc.)
1848 Donald Stewart to Alexander Stewart for west ½ lot 13, concession 7 McNab
1856 Henry O. Neil to John Hudson for south west & south east quarters of lot 25, concession 7 Pakenham
1857 John Sutherland to John C. Neil for the west ½ lot 22, concession 8 Ramsay
1863 John McIntyre to James McIntyre for south west and north east halves of lot 13, concession 5, McNab
1866 John Fisher to William Campbell for east ½ lot 25, concession 8 Pakenham
1870 William Gemmill to John Campbell for west ½ lot 3, concession 2 McNab
Note: “Reserving free access to the shore of Wabalak lake for all vessels, boats and persons”.
1870 Robert Ferguson to Alexander Yuill for east ½ lot 6, concession 7 McNab .
1870 Alexander Yuill to John Campbell for east ½ lot 6, concession 7 McNab.
1871 David Headrick and John Paris (executors) to John Headrick for west ½ of west ½ of lot 26, concession 4 Pakenham
1867 James McIntyre to Alexander Stewart for south west and north east halves of lot 13, concession 5, McNab
1871 Thomas McLauchlan to John McLauchlan for east & west ½ of lot 8, concession 5, McNab.
1873 Alexander Yuill to George Bartlett for lot east ½ lot 6, concession 7 McNab
1875 George Weal Bartlett to William Coultes for east ½ of lot 6, concession 7, McNab.
1876 George W. Bartlett to William Coultes for east 1/2 lot 6, concession 7 McNab
1877 William Hanson to Donald Stewart for south east ½ of North east ½ of lot 8, concession 4 McNab
1879 Malcolm Cameron to James Cameron for south 1/2ves of westerly and easterly halves of Lot 14, concession 4 McNab
1880 Charles Millar to William Watchhorn for lot 20 concession 1 Pakenham.
1881 Mortgage to Donald Stewart from North of Scotland Canadian Mortgage Company for north ½ lot 4, concession 5 McNab.
1881 Alexander Stewart to Fanny Headrick (discharge of mortgage for property not specified)
1882 John Hudson and John & James McManus for south east & south west quarters of lot 25, concession 7 Pakenham
1882 Neil Campbell to Jessie Campbell for east ½ of the east ½ of lot 14, concession 7 McNab
1884 John Headrick to David Headrick Jr. for east ½ lot 3, concession 3 McNab.
1889 Bridget McDonough to John Headrick for lot 27, concession 4 Pakenham
1892 Robert Dickson Brown, William Forbes Brown and George Frederick Henderson (executors of Robert Brown) to Augustus Ellis for east ½ lot 23, concession 5 and other lands, Pakenham. Note: attached to Quit Claim Deed was a note with the following “H. McManus, lot 23, concession 5.”
1893 Jessie Campbell to Walter Headrick for east ½ of lot 22, concession 4 Pakenham
1896 Adam McGunigal to Donald McGregor for village lot 11, White Lake
1896 John Burns Fraser to William & John Morphy for east ½ lot 20, concession 4 Pakenham
1896 Archibald Forgie Campbell & John Ludgate for east ½ lot 5, concession 1 Bagot
1900 Alexander Fraser to James Fraser for east ½ lot 6, concession 3 McNab (White Lake village lots 16 & 17)
1901 John Morphy to William Morphy for east ½ of east ½ lot 20, concession 4 Pakenham
1908 Benjamin Legree to School Section #8, Township of McNab, for part of south west quarter, lot 4, concession 9
1918 Sarah Headrick & Christy Smithson lot 23 concession 2 Pakenham and other lands with certain conditions.
Land Registry Extracts In Map Cabinet #3, Dwr 9
Bundle #3 (oversize)
1890 Abstract of title affecting the East ½ of lot 6, concession 6 of McNab
1875 Abstract of title affecting the rear or East ½ lot 6, concession 7 of McNab
1910 Abstract of title affecting the rear or East ½ lot 6, concession 7 of McNab
1900 Abstract of title affecting lot 23, concession 12 of Darling.
1909 Abstract of title affecting the West ½ of Lot 8, concession 4 of McNab
1951 Abstract of title affecting the West ½ of Lot 7, concession 4 of McNab.
Early Land Documents In Map Cabinet #3, Dwr 9
Bundle #4 (oversize)
1824 Land Grant from the Crown (with seal attached) to Alexander Stewart of Beckwith, 100 acres (minus Clergy Reserve of 14 acres) E1/2 of Lot 14 in the 9th Concession of Beckwith Township, Lanark County, dated 25 June 1824.
1848 Land Grant to Alexander Stewart of Township of McNab for 40 lbs, 200 acres for the West 1/2 and East 1/2 of Lot 2 in the 4th Concession of McNab Township on January 12 1848
1852 Land Grant to Alexander Stewart of Beckwith, for 100 acres for 40 lbs, the South West 1/2 of the Clergy Reserve, Lot 2 in the 5th Concession of McNab Township on January 3 1852
1887 Land Grant to John Stewart, Village of White Lake for 190 dollars for Lot 25 in the 11th Concession of Darling Township, County of Lanark on July 7th 1887.
1870 - 1968 1 m
This series contains bound letter books which document business transacted by the firm Stewart Bros. between 1870 - 1968. A file of notes created by Peter Hessel and Duncan Edward Stewart about various letters in the letter books is also included in this series.
Other files include correspondence about timber licenses, logging and the sale of Stewart Brothers to Kennedy lumber of Calabogie.
n.d. Miscellaneous Notes re: Letter books Box I 4.5
1927 - 1928 Statement of Dues & Timber Licenses
1930 - 1950 Correspondence re: Logging
1968 Correspondence re: Sale of Stewart Brothers
Letter Books: Folders I 3.7 to I 3.13
1870 to 1878 Donald Stewart
1870 to 1886 John Stewart
1878 to 1883 Donald Stewart
1886 to 1895 John Stewart
1895 to 1902 John Stewart
1902 to 1908 John Stewart
1908 to 1923 John Stewart
1855 - 1978 1 m 65 cm
This series is comprised of various genealogical research files, estate files, diaries, journals, correspondence and photographs belonging to the Stewart family of Waba and the Barr family of Renfrew.
This series presents numerous examples of fine portrait photography from the local area as well as cartes des visites from across the country. The photographs in the Stewart Family Gallery, Miscellaneous Stewart Family Photographs and the Barr Family sub-series’ are excellent reference sources for family and social history researchers.
Miscellaneous Textual Files Sub-series 99-0107-4-1
1872 - 1984 30cm Box I 5.1, I 1.8
This sub-series contains seven miscellaneous files relating to family members, homes etc. Most of the notebooks in the 19th and 20th century notebooks files are not identified by name and some are undated. Exceptions are 1910 Duncan G. Stewart and Catherine Barr’s travel diaries of 1913, 1924 and undated. Duncan G. Stewart’s Student’s Directory to Queen’s University 1931-32 is included in the 20th century file.
File List: Box I 5.1
n.d. - 1938 Miscellaneous documents
1883 John Stewart of McNab, Justice of the Peace
1879 - 1994 Waba Stone House
[1902] - 1950 Envelopes & Stamps
1921 - 1986 Duncan & Bessie Stewart - Certificates etc.
1927 - 1995 Duncan E. Stewart - Miscellaneous (including family history chart)
1960 - 1993 Duncan E. Stewart - School Board Business
1969 - 1980 William Hall (Renfrew) Correspondence
Box I 1.8
19th Century Notebooks - 9 diaries and journals
20th Century Notebooks - 15 diaries and journals
Willie Stewart Notebook re: Lath Saw
1913 - 1984 Miscellaneous Notes re: Mill, Shanty & Logging
Correspondence Sub-series 99-0107-4-2
1870 - 1954 5 cm Box I 5.1
The miscellaneous correspondence files contain approximately 50 pieces of correspondence from family, friends, business associates to both John and Donald Stewart. It also includes correspondence to Donald Stewart, Reeve of McNab Township about township matters.
Of note in the first file are several letters from cousin Alexander Stewart of Deer Lake. Letters to and from James Herron of Herron’s Mills about timber cutting on Herron’s property in the second miscellaneous file are of interest. Correspondence from George H. Phillips superintendent of the Ottawa & St. Lawrence Electric railway is also worth noting.
The third file contains 9 letters from Alexander Stewart (the Beckwith merchant) to his sons Robert and John of Waba. Throughout the correspondence, Alexander writes about cattle, lambs, barley and upcoming trips on the train to Pakenham. Alexander writes in 1884 that he wishes one of his sons to come and cheer him up and states in another letter that extremes of old age are coming on fast. He died in 1892 in his 100th year.
Correspondence from Jim Stewart at Queen’s University in Kingston and later of Montreal to his father John reveals a difficult relationship between father and son.
William James Stewart writes from Three Rivers Quebec to Duncan Edward Stewart regarding the installation of a power generator at Stewart Mills. Other letters written to his brother David are about the administration of various estates.
1870 - 1891 Miscellaneous Correspondence
1900 - 1958 Miscellaneous Correspondence
1877 - 1884 Alexander Stewart Correspondence
1902 - 1912 Jim Stewart Correspondence
1932 - 1954 William Stewart Correspondence
Research Files Sub-series 99-0107-4-3
[1950] - 1984 5 cm Box I 5.1
This series is arranged alphabetically by family documented or by the person conducting research on the Stewart family. Duncan Stewart’s file includes two binders containing notes, charts, and correspondence about various Stewart family member including Alexander Stewart of Beckwith. The Letters from Overseas file contains several letters to “my dear friend” from cousin Catherine Stormont of Ballyduff Scotland. See also Barr diaries in Miscellaneous Textual Files and Barr Family Photographs.
[1950] - 1994 Airth Family History
[1950] Barr Family History
[1988] Crane Family History
[1980] Peter Hessel’s (Stewart Family) Research
1867 - 1939 Letters from Overseas
1968 -1992 McLaren Cemetery - Renfrew
[1950] - 1992 McLaren Family History
1867 - 1983 Robertson Family History
[1980] Daniel Stewart (Admaston) Family History
[1975] Duncan Stewart (Horton) Family History
1978 - 1990 Duncan Stewart’s (Waba) Research
1967 - 1984 Margaret Stewart’s Research
Estate Files Sub-series 99-0107-4-4
1855 - 1971 15 cm Box I 5.1
This sub-series contains six files related to the estates and investments of various Stewart family members including Alexander Stewart, merchant of Waba.
1855 - 1878 Alexander Stewart (Merchant) Waba - Estate Papers
1884 - 1926 John Stewart (Merchant) Waba - Estate Papers
1935 - 1991 Investments, Certificates, Bonds etc.
1935 - 1936 Alexander Stewart - Estate Papers
1955 - 1983 Stewart Family Wills (Duncan Gordon, Ethel, Donald)
1968 - 1971 Andrew Mowat Stewart - Estate Papers
1989 Estate of Margaret Robertson Stewart
Margaret Stewart’s Slides Sub-series 99-0107-4-5
1956 - [1968] 15 cm Box I 5.5
Series consists of 800 slides arranged by date according to topics listed on original boxes.
The Arnprior & District Archives holds the Margaret Stewart fonds (93-0010) which contains other photographs and negatives along with textual files. Margaret worked for over 25 years as a Dietician and lecturer at MacDonald College, Montreal. She lived near her brother Duncan Edward Stewart in Waba and took an active interest in the lives of her nieces and nephews. The slides in this series portray life in Waba with her family and vacations throughout Canada, Europe, Jamaica and Bermuda.
1956 - 1960 Misc., loose slides of Waba creek activities (swimming, skating), Golden Lake
family photos, travel, farm scenes, Stewart homes, special occasions etc.
1956, 1963 Canada West (including Banff)
1957 Quebec & the Maritimes
1957-1958 Flowers
1958, 1962 East Coast
1959 Jamaica, Bermuda & Royal Visit to Ottawa
1959 Lake Erie, Culver’s Farm, Stewart Clan - Brighton, Niagara Gorge, Waba etc.
1967 Expo ‘67
[1948] [Holland] & England trip
Family Gallery Photographs Sub-Series 99-0107-4-6
[1880] – 1978 30cm Box I 5.3, I 4.
This Sub-series of photographs contains 66 photographs of people related to the Stewart’s of Waba. Peter Hessel assigned this particular set of photographs the abbreviation FG to indicate “Family Gallery” in 1999. Generally, the photographs date from the late 19th century to the early 20th century.
Biographical sketches of the various Stewarts, Burtons, Robertsons and Elliots included in this sub-series follow the numbered list. Peter Hessel compiled this information as part of on-going genealogical research. The biographical sketches note how Duncan Edward Stewart (Elizabeth Stewart-Hessel’s father) was related to each individual.
Peter Hessel also compiled an alphabetical list of photography studios related to the photographs in this FG sub-series. This list appears after the Family Gallery Biographical Sketches. Local studios include the Arnprior Art Studio run by R.A. Ramsay, the Handford Studio in Renfrew as well as R. Sim of Renfrew.
Item List:
FG 01 Daniel Burton Stewart
See also FG 60.
FG 02 Mabel Stewart
See also FG 26, 29, 45, 61, 52, 65.
FG 03 Ethel Margaret Stewart
See also FG 04, 05, 68, etc.
FG 04 Ethel Margaret Stewart
FG 05 Not in this collection
FG 05a Isabelle and Ethel Stewart
Left: Isabelle Stewart Right: Ethel Margaret Stewart (See FG 03, FG 04). Photograph by Handford, 1909.
FG 06 Duncan Gordon Stewart
Same as FG 28
FG 07 and FG 08 Not in this collection.
FG 09 Peter David Stewart
FG 10 Catherine (Kate) Annie Stewart
See FG 53.
FG 11 Annie Jamison Stewart
See also FG 22, 33, 34, 64
FG 12 Not in this collection
FG 13 Leitch, Robert
Probably brother of Elizabeth Burton of Rutherglen, Scotland. Did not come to Canada. Photo taken in 1873.
FG 14 Margaret Robertson Stewart and Duncan Edward Stewart
Photograph by A.L. Handford, Renfrew.
Shows Margaret, age 5 and Duncan age 9 at Christmas 1918.
Same as FG 32. See FG 35, 56. See also Duncan E. Stewart Collection.
FG 15 Duncan Edward Stewart
Photograph of Duncan Stewart as young child with book.
See FG 14, 35, 56.
FG 16, 17, 18 Not part of this collection.
FG 19 William and Elizabeth Burton
FG 20 John Stewart
Miniature tintype in case.
FG 21 Jean Elliot
See FG 54.
FG 22 Ladies on the porch.
Left to right:unidentified woman, Ethel Stewart nee Burton (b. 1847),
Annie J. Stewart (b. 1885), unidentified friend.
FG 23 Catherine Annie Stewart
Photo: A.L. Handford, Renfrew. See also FG 70.
FG 24 Same as FG 23.
FG 25 Not assigned
FG 26 Mabel Stewart
See FG 02.
FG 27 Archie and Bill Stewart
Photograph of Archie and Bill as children.
Inscription on back reads “cousins”. Photo by A.L. Handford, Renfrew.
FG 28 Duncan Gordon Stewart
Same as FG 06.
FG 29 Renfrew Collegiate Institute Team1906
Holding ball: Mabel Stewart. See
FG 02. Photo by A.L. Handford, Renfrew.
FG 30 Unidentified Children
probably Duncan Edward Stewart’s mother Ethel Stewart (left) and 2 sisters. Photograph by R. Sim, Renfrew. [Same as FG 31]
FG 31 Same as FG 30.
FG 32 Margaret Robertson Stewart and Duncan Edward Stewart
Same as FG 14.
FG 33 Annie Jamieson Stewart
See FG 11, FG 22.
FG 34 Same as FG 33
FG 35 Duncan Edward Stewart
circa 1929. See FG 14.
FG 36 Margaret N. Burton
Photo: J.S. Hulett, Napanee.
FG 37 Death notice for William Robertson
Relationship uncertain - born March 26, 1849, died Mar. 16, 1895. Probably one of the Robertsons of Robertson's Corners who were related to Margaret Robertson, (wife of John Stewart of Waba).
FG 38 Annie Robertson
Photo mailed from “the Soo” in 1917.
See also FG 51.
FG 39 Duncan Stewart
See FG 39, 40, 63, 66, 67 [tin plates of home], 70.
FG 40 Same as FG 39.
FG 41 and FG 42 Not part of this collection.
FG 43 Group photograph
This group includes Ethel Margaret Stewart (nee Stewart)
Mrs. Duncan Stewart in middle row, 3rd from left (See FG 03), and
Annie Stewart (later Jull).
Other names: Jessie Burton (Eadie), Lizzie Burwell (Peeder), Nell Eady Mary Eady (Juby), Kit Cale (Eady), Lena Burton (Stewart), Lizzie Russell, Lizzie Cale.
FG 44 Same as above, without names.
FG 45 Mabel Stewart
Same as FG 26.
FG 46 Elizabeth Stewart
FG 47 Mabel Stewart
Same as 25 and 45.
FG 48 Mabel Stewart
See FG 02, FG 26, etc.
FG 49 Elizabeth (Lil) Douglas
Photo by C.H. Boyes, Kingston
FG 50 Not in this collection.
FG 51 Annie Robertson
Annie with her husband Hugh McArthur of Carleton Place.
Photo: Herbert E. Simpson, Toronto. See FG 38
FG 52 Grace Young
Pictured with her husband Willie Young and their two daughters. The photograph, by C.C. Pelton in Carleton Place is from about 1900.
FG 53 Catherine (Kate) Annie Stewart
See FG 10.
FG 54 Jean Stewart
Photograph shows Stewart as a student. See FG 21.
FG 55 Mabel Stewart
Mabel with an unidentified man in Army uniform, with Army tent in the background.
See FG 02, 26, etc.
FG 56 Duncan E. Stewart
Photograph shows Stewart as an adolescent or very young man.
See FG 14, 15, etc.
FG 57 William Stewart
Photograph of William Stewart as an old man.
See also FG 58.
FG 58 William Stewart
Graduation portrait, photo by C. H. Boyes. See FG 57
FG 59 George E. Stewart
FG 60 Daniel Burton Stewart
Photograph shows Daniel as a child. See FG 01.
FG 61 Group Photograph
Left to right: Mabel Stewart (See FG 02) and Annie Jamieson Stewart, (See FG 11) and an unidentified cousin.
FG 62 Mabel Stewart
Mabel Stewart with Duncan Leslie. Photo by G. Handford, Renfrew, about 1901.
FG 63 Duncan Stewart
Duncan Stewart of Horton. Photograph by Handford. See FG 39
FG 64 Wedding Photograph
August 1941. Left to right: Rev. Percy Jull and Annie Jamieson (nee Stewart). See FG 11. .
FG 65 Not assigned.
FG 66 Not part of this collection
FG 66a John Stewart
FG 67 Duncan Stewart Home
3 tin-types depicting Stewart home in Horton Township. See FG 39.
FG 68 Ethel Stewart
See FG 03. Photograph by Gus. Handford.
FG 69 Mabel Robertson
Mabel Robertson photographed by the Arnprior Art Studio.
FG 70 Duncan Stewart
Duncan is pictured with his wife Annie nee Burton (FG 23). Annie’s obituary note is attached.
FG 71 Mrs. James Robertson (Rhoda Royce)
Mrs. Robertson was the wife of “Uncle Jim Robertson”. Their children: Jimmy (See FG 73), Harry, Willie, Jennie). Photo taken in Ogdensburg.
FG 72 Christina Robertson
Photograph taken in Prahran, Scotland.
FG 73 Jimmy Robertson
Photograph taken in Brockville.
FG 74 Unidentified Woman
Photograph taken in Londonderry. Written on back: “Mr. D. Stewart from Mother, June 1904”. This woman could possibly have been the mother of Margaret (Mrs. John) Stewart nee Robertson, in which case she would have been great-grandmother of Duncan Edward Stewart.
FG 75 Stewart Family, Waba
Colour photograph taken by Dieter Hessel in December 1978. Left to right, front row: June Stewart nee Rowland (David's wife), Peter Stewart (born June 1976 and Michael Stewart (born 1978), Judy Stewart (later Cerigo, b. 1941), Dr. Dimitry Cerigo.
Left to right, seated: Duncan Edward Stewart (1910-1996), Elizabeth (Bessie) Wallace Stewart nee McLaren (b. 1912), Peter Hessel (b. 1931).
Left to right, standing: Neil Stewart (b. 1948), Calvin Buck, Madeline Buck nee Stewart (b. 1954), David Stewart (b. 1944), Elizabeth Stewart-Hessel (b. 1940).
FG 76 Stewart Family, Waba
Colour photograph taken by Dieter Hessel in December 1978. Seated: Duncan Edward Stewart and Elizabeth (Bessie) Wallace Stewart nee McLaren.Standing, left to right: David, Judy, Madeline, Neil, Elizabeth. See FG 75.
Family Gallery Biographical Sketches
Burton, Catherine Annie
Catherine Annie Burton was born June 26, 1847 in Horton Twp. She was the daughter of Daniel Stewart and Elizabeth Leitch. In 1869, she married Duncan Stewart of Horton Twp. They had 9 children including Ethel. Annie died in Renfrew Oct. 1, 1922 in her 75th year and was buried at Thompson Hill Cemetery, Renfrew. See obit file. She was the maternal grandmother of Duncan Edward Stewart.
Burton, Elizabeth, nee Leitch
Elizabeth Burton was the maternal great-grandmother of Duncan Edward Stewart. Elizabeth Leitch was born in Rutherglen, Scotland in 1811. She was the wife of William, also from Scotland. She died in 1875 in Horton Twp. Note in envelope "Furniture, etc." states that she wove an "early Canadian" rug.
Burton, Margaret N.
Margaret Burton was born Oct. 25, 1853. She lived in Renfrew and died Sep. 28, 1927. She was the unmarried, maternal aunt of Duncan Edward Stewart.
Burton, William
William Burton was the maternal great-grandfather of Duncan Edward Stewart. He was the husband of Elizabeth (nee Leitch) and father of Annie. William was born in 1796 in Nottingham, England. He died in 1872 in Horton Township.
Elliot, Jean nee Stewart
Jean Stewart Elliot is the daughter of Daniel Burton Stewart of Horton Twp. (FG 21). She was born March 17, 1913. She married Ray Elliott and resided at Pinnacle Farm, Renfrew. Jean Elliot is a cousin of Duncan Edward Stewart.
Robertson, Annie
Annie Robertson was the daughter of James Robertson of Pakenham. She married D. McGregor, of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. She was great-aunt of Duncan Edward Stewart,
Robertson, Jimmy
Jimmy Robertson was the son of James Robertson of Pakenham. Relationship to Waba Stewarts is undetermined; possibly a brother to Margaret Stewart (nee Robertson).
Robertson, Mabel
Mabel Robertson married a Thomas Burns. No other information is known about her.
Stewart, Annie Jamison
Annie Stewart was the daughter of Duncan Stewart, Horton Twp. She was born on July 1, 1885. She received her B.A. at Queen's University. She first taught at Carp Continuation School, then for many years was a teacher, vice-principal and acting principal at Nepean High School in Ottawa. She retired in 1941. On Aug. 21, 1941 Annie married Rev. Percy L. Jull (FG 64; Obit file). They lived in Brooklin, Ontario. until his death in 1949. She died in Renfrew Hospital on March 2, 1970 in her 85th year. Her papers were donated to Nepean High School, Ottawa, in Nov. 1989. See Obit file. Her passport is in the file “Other Relatives” in the Margaret Stewart Collection. Annie was the maternal aunt of Duncan Edward Stewart.
Stewart, Catherine (Kate) Annie
Catherine (Kate) Stewart was the daughter of Duncan Stewart of Horton Township; born May 15, 1873. She became a nurse in Montreal and retired in 1939. She died in Renfrew on Oct. 18, 1953, in her 81st year. She was buried at Thompson Hill Cemetery, Renfrew. Catherine was the maternal aunt of Duncan Edward Stewart. See diaries, Obit file.
Stewart, Daniel Burton
Daniel Burton Stewart was the son of Duncan Stewart of Horton Twp. He was born Feb. 23, 1877 and farmed at parents' homestead until 1948, when he moved into Renfrew. Daniel Stewart served on Horton Council for 17 years, 6 years as Reeve. He was married in 1909 to Isabel nee McLellan (who died 1960). They had three sons: Archie of Deep River, William and Jim of Renfrew; 1 daughter: Jean (Mrs. Ray Elliott, FG 21) of Renfrew. Daniel Burton Stewart died in Renfrew, Oct. 17th 1969, in his 93rd year. Daniel was the maternal uncle of Duncan Edward Stewart.
Stewart, Duncan Gordon
See Biographical Sketches
Stewart, Duncan (Horton)
Duncan Stewart was born on Feb. 7, 1835 in Perthshire, Scotland. He was son of Daniel and Catherine Stewart. He came to Canada with his parents in 1846 at age 11. He was a farmer and Reeve of Horton Township. Duncan Stewart married Annie nee Burton on Apr. 7, 1869. He died on June 24, 1909 and was buried at Thompson Hill Cemetery, Renfrew. Duncan Stewart’s farm homestead in Horton was W Half, Lot 17, Conc. 3. He also owned NE Half of Lot 17, Concession 2, and W Half of Lot 18, Conc. 3. Duncan and Catherine Stewart had the following sons: William, Daniel Burton and Peter David; daughters: Catherine Annie, Ethel. He was the maternal grandfather of Duncan Edward Stewart of Waba. See a typewritten copy of his last will and testament, dated June 21, 1909 in file “Stewart, Duncan of Horton”.
Stewart, Elizabeth nee Douglas (also spelled Douglass)
Elizabeth Stewart was the wife of Alexander Stewart of Borenich. Extract from a letter by Bruce Cairnie (file Stewart History) reads; “You say that your great-grandfather married a Miss Douglas from the same part of Scotland, and I came across an entry: “James Douglas in Borenich and Helen Douglas had a son John 28.10.95”. I did not look for a daughter, but Douglas was an unusual name in the parish, and propinquity is quite a powerful factor in promoting marriage! " Elizabeth was the Paternal great-grandmother of Duncan Edward Stewart.
Brown, Elizabeth (Lil) Douglas
Elizabeth Brown (nee Stewart), was the paternal aunt of Duncan Edward Stewart and daughter of John Stewart and Margaret Robertson. She was born Dec. 31, 1881and graduated from Queen's University. She married Rev. Dr. George Brown. Elizabeth died June 1 , 1959 in Kingston (see obit). She was the mother of Dr. Stewart Brown, Dr. Malcolm Brown and Douglas Brown.
Stewart, Ethel Margaret
Ethel Stewart was born in Horton Twp., Nov. 7 1882. Her parents were Duncan and Catherine Annie Stewart. She married Duncan Gordon Stewart (no relation). She died at Arnprior Hospital on March 3, 1964 in her 82nd year. Ethel Stewart was the mother of Duncan Edward Stewart.
Stewart, George E
George was the son of William and Annie Stewart. He was a maternal cousin of Duncan Edward Stewart. He died in Renfrew.
Stewart, Grace
Grace Stewart was born in 1839. She was the daughter of Alexander Stewart (Borenich). Grace Stewart was the youngest daughter of Alexander Stewart (Borenich) and his wife Elizabeth nee Douglas. She was born on Feb. 2, 1839 in Black's Corners, Beckwith and baptized March 17, 1839. In his will, his brother Donald Stewart left her to occupy part of his house and also left her a legacy of $2000 in 1883. She may have been keeping house for Donald. She married William (Willie) Young (born 1852), a Scottish immigrant and a cousin of unknown degree. They lived with her father Alexander at the homestead in Beckwith. Alexander Stewart mentioned them both in a letter to his sons (complaints about Willie’s farming methods). Grace and William had no children. Grace died on April 21, 1920. A nephew of William, David Young (1873-1955) came over from Scotland and married Margaret Grace Scott, a granddaughter of Alexander’s, and they lived on the property in Black's Corners (Beckwith). Grace was the Great-aunt of. Duncan Edward Stewart.
Stewart, Isabelle nee McLellan
Isabelle Stewart married Daniel B. Stewart (See FG 01), and was Jean Stewart Elliot’s mother.
Stewart, John (Scotland)
John Stewart was the maternal great-great-grandfather of Duncan Edward Stewart. This John Stewart was born in 1784 in Scotland. He was the son of David Stewart who in 1766 married Janet Campbell. John married Mary Gow. They were the parents of Daniel Stewart who was born in 1803.
Stewart, John (Horton)
This John Stewart was the son of Daniel Stewart of Horton, great-uncle of Duncan Edward Stewart. He settled in Douglas.
Stewart, Mabel
Mabel Stewart was the unmarried daughter of Duncan Stewart of Horton Twp. She was born in Dec. 1888. Mabel taught in Renfrew public schools for 40 years. She died in Renfrew on Aug. 11, 1960, at age 71 and is buried at Thompson Hill cemetery, Renfrew. She was the maternal aunt of Duncan Edward Stewart. See her diaries and obituary.
Stewart, Margaret Robertson
Margaret Stewart was the only sister of Duncan Edward Stewart. She was born Jul. 24, 1914. She became a dietitian and lecturer at MacDonald College, McGill University, Montreal. She died at Arnprior Hospital, August 24,1989 and was buried at White Lake Cemetery. See Margaret Stewart Collection.
Stewart, Peter David
Peter David Stewart was the son of Duncan Stewart of Horton Twp. He was born Aug. 19, 1880 and lived in Brighton. He married Sep. 20, 1904 and was the father of Lois Stirling. He was the maternal uncle of Duncan Edward Stewart.
Stewart, William
William Stewart was born April 27,1870. He was the son of Duncan Stewart of Horton Twp. He married Oct. 19, 1897. Had gone west, but returned to Renfrew where his young son Duncan Leslie, died from poisoning at age 1 ½ (Renfrew Mercury, Mar. 8, 1901) See photo of child in FG 62. William Stewart died in Oct. 1954. William Stewart was the maternal uncle of Duncan Edward Stewart.
List of Photographers
Arnprior Art Studio (see also Ramsay) 69
Boyes, C.H., Kingston 21, 49, 58
Dow’s Studios, Ogdensburg 71
Handford, A.L., Renfrew 23, 24, 27, 29, 32, 48, 60
Handford, Gus, Renfrew 62
Handford, Renfrew 33, 34, 39, 40, 63, 66, 68
Henderson Studio, Kingston 18
Hessel, Dieter, Toronto 75, 76
Hulett, J.S., studio, Napanee 36
Jarvis, S.J. 41
Lyonde, F., Toronto 42
McKenzie, Kingston 59
McNeil 1
Pelton, C.C., Carleton Place 52
Ramsay, R.A., Arnprior Art Studio, Arnprior 50a, 50b
Sim, R., Renfrew 30, 31
Simpson, Herbert E., Toronto 51
Stewart, Duncan E. (DES) 28
Timothy, A.R., Kingston 16, 17
Yeoman, V. Co., Prahran, Scotland 72
Murray & Son, Brockville 73
Miscellaneous Stewart Family Photographs Sub-Series 99-0107-4-7
[1880 – 1975] 45cm Box I 4.1, Box I 4.2, Box I 4.3,
Box I 4.4, Box I 6.3, I 6.4
predominant dates [1880 – 1950]
This first part of this series contains 55 photographs of various Stewart relations, friends and unidentified people. They have been placed in numbered, plastic sleeves for easier reference and safe handling. The second part of this series contains approximately 150 photographs contained in two folders and three albums which contain several tin types. The third part of this sub-series contains material from the 1930’s to 1970’s. It includes a group of negatives and prints that portray Duncan and Bessie Stewart’s family life.
Supplied dates follow descriptions. If the archivist supplied dates, they appear in square brackets. If no date is known, the abbreviation “n.d.” was used.
Part 1:
Photographs of people from Renfrew, Pembroke, Kingston, Sault Ste. Marie, Collingwood and Glasgow Scotland can be found in this miscellaneous collection of photographs. These particular photographs were not included in Peter Hessel’s Family Gallery, nor do they belong to the large collection of Barr Family photographs.
A group photograph of the students of Waba School, 1921 is of particular interest. Duncan E. Stewart identified several people in these photographs in 1994.
Box I 6.3
Sleeve 1 a) Lily Douglas Stewart, n.d.
b) Lily Douglas Stewart, n.d.
Sleeve 2 a) George Brown at Queens University, 1907.
Photographed by Henderson, Kingston.
b) George Brown and [his mother], n. d.
Sleeve 3 a) Alexander Newton Stewart, n. d.
Photographed by Jarvis, Ottawa.
b) Alexander Newton Stewart, n. d.
Photographed by Winnipeg studio.
Sleeve 4 a) Fred Lyttle
b) Unidentified man
Sleeve 5 a) Unidentified baby
Sleeve 6 a) Aunt Annie Stewart at Queen’s University, n. d.
b) Unidentified woman photographed by Arnprior Art Studio
Sleeve 7 a) Unidentified woman (possibly girlie or Girtie) n. d. Photographed by Edward Harrison Studios, Pembroke
b) Same unidentified woman, n. d.
c) Same unidentified woman, n. d.
Sleeve 8 a) Unidentified couple.
b) Unidentified man holding long stick, n.d.
Photographed by Pittaway.
Sleeve 9 a) Duncan Gordon Stewart, n. d.
b) Unidentified woman, n. d.
Sleeve 10 a) Unidentified woman, possibly Flossie Vauchex, n. d.
Photographed by a Pembroke Studio.
Photographed in Sault Ste. Marie.
Sleeve 11 a) Unidentified woman, n. d.
Photographed by Topley.
Photographed by Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. studio.
Sleeve 12 a) Unidentified man, n. d.
Photographed by Anderson, Almonte.
b) Same unidentified man as graduate, n.d.
Photographed by Toronto Studio.
Sleeve 13 a) Young family of Clay Bank, n. d.
Photographed by Arnprior Art Studio.
b) W. [McKhillas], n. d.
Photographed in New York.
Sleeve 14 a) Donald James Stewart, n. d.
Photographed by Kingston studio.
b) Unidentified man, n. d.
Photographed by London, Ontario studio.
Sleeve 15 a) A. Stirling Robertson in uniform as a young man, n. d.
Photographed by Handford Studio in Renfrew.
Photographed by Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. studio.
Sleeve 16 a) Unidentified grandparents with grandchild (girl), n. d.
Photographed by Dublin studio.
b) Unidentified family, n. d.
Photographed by Glasgow studio.
Sleeve 17 a) Four Sparling girls; Lola, Annie, Alice and Kathleen, n. d.
Photographed by Handford Studio in Renfrew.
Sleeve 18 a) Unidentified woman with a parasol, [1905]
b) Unidentified baby, n. d.
Sleeve 19 a) Maud H. Lough, 1905
Photographed by Kelsey, Arnprior.
Sleeve 20 a) Unidentified woman, n.d.
Photographed by studio in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan.
b) Helen Cooper of Collingwood, Ontario, 1902.
A note reads “Died in 1959” on back of photo.
Sleeve 21 a) Unidentified Queen’s University graduate, n. d.
Photographed by Henderson studio, Kingston.
b) Unidentified Queen’s University graduate, n. d.
Photographed by Henderson studio, Kingston.
Sleeve 22 a) Unidentified young woman, n.d.
Photographed by a Bowmanville studio.
b) Unidentified old woman, n.d.
Photographed by an Ogdensburg, New York studio.
Sleeve 23 a) [P. Campbell], n. d.
Photographed by a Glasgow studio.
b) [P. Campbell], n. d.
Photographed by a Glasgow studio.
Sleeve 24 a) Unidentified woman, n. d.
Photographed by Handford Studio in Renfrew.
b) Edith Crane in decorative frame, n. d.
(see also Barr Family photographs)
Sleeve 25 a) Waba School, 1921.
Teacher: Miss McLaren, Front row: Ken McManus, Jack Barrie, Holden McLachlan, Alex Jones, Duncan E. Stewart, R. J. Campbell, John Headrick, Donald McLachlan, Peter Headrick.
Middle row: _ Jewell, Aileen Campbell (Scott), Carmel Yuill (Stewart), Edith Yuill (Ring), _ McManus, Margaret Stewart, Kathleen McLachlan (McEwan)
Back row: Loella Morphy, Jessie Barrie (Raycroft), _ Bandy, _ McManus, Susie Watchorn, Leila Campbell (Snedden), Jean McLaren, Ruby Wilson (McIntyre), Jean Headrick, _ McManus, _ McManus, Gladys McNab (Rivet).
Part 2:
Most of the people in this part of the sub-series are unidentified.
Box I 4.1 Folder 1
a) Unidentified man, n. d.
b) Group photograph of several Stewarts at [cottage]. Several people are identified.
c) Group photograph of at [cottage], n. d.d. Several people are identified as Stewarts, Robertsons, Grahams and Browns.
d) Waba Stewarts with Grahams, Robertsons, Patterson and Campbell, n. d.
e) same as above.
f) School Section #3 Pakenham, n. d.
Twins Andrew M. Stewart and William Gladstone Stewart (sons of John Stewart) are in middle.
g) Dublin family, n. d.
h) Two young girls from British Columbia, n. d.
Box I 4.1 Folder 2
a) Renfrew County Council, Pembroke, 1926. 6th from left (top row) is John Childerhose McIntyre, Reeve of Eganville.
b) Group of masons, n. d. Photographed by Handford Studio in Renfrew.
c) [Central School Staff], [1970] Included in photo; Sally Aikenhead (Fraser), Brian Yuke and Duncan Edward Stewart and others with school board trustee A. J. Charbonneau.
d) [Renfrew County School Board Trustees], [1970] Included in photo by Lowe’s studio Pembroke; Duncan Edward Stewart and others.
e) ) [Renfrew County School Board Trustees], [1975] Included in photo by Lowe’s studio Pembroke; Duncan Edward Stewart, Ros Donnelly and others.
Box I 4.2 White Album First photograph is James Stewart and his mother. The other 14 are unidentified and date between [1880 - 1900].
Box I 4.3 Brown Album This album contains 60 unidentified photographs of men, women and children. Among them are 4 tin-types in very good condition. One photograph of Donald Stewart of Waba is contained in this album along with an unknown school photograph showing several children with bare feet.
Box I 4.4 Green Album This album contains 55 photographs and dates from [1894 – 1920]. The following people are identified; Alex Stirling, Mr. & Mrs. Stirling, Lily Douglas Stewart, Alex Young, John Young, Jennett Robinson of Pakenham, Gena McAdam, Eva & Ella Cuthbert Robertson. This album also contains a photograph of a home by James Thompson of Almonte and the Waba General store [1920].
Part 3: Box I 6.4
The following list of negatives was prepared by Duncan E. Stewart in 1998 with comments on right by P. Hessel:
1 Margaret’s house Now 3811 Highland Road, Waba
(since 1990, “Hessel house”)
2 Sign post at Golden Lake
3 ? Liz Elizabeth Stewart b. 1940
4 ? David David Stewart b. 1944
5 Jean McL. + pup Jean McLaren (Bessie’s half-sister)
6 Ginger (dog)
7 Ginger & ? in front of fireplace, Stewarts’ home
in Waba
8 Winter scene from bridge, up creek, From the old 5th Line bridge, showing
at Waba many tall white pine
9 Various pictures when Stewart was here 8 negatives (Stewart Brown was Duncan’s
+ also 2 visiting girls, Margaret cousin, Margaret Stewart his sister in Waba
10 Royal visit 4 negatives, 1939 Royal visit, Ottawa
11 R.M.C. graduation 6 negatives, Royal Military College, Kingston
12 Maxwell family here Relatives of Bessie Stewart nee McLaren, “here” = in Waba
13 Jean & Ray wedding (Elliott) Jean nee Stewart (Duncan’s cousin) and
Ray Elliott; they farmed in Renfrew at
the “Pinnacle Farm”
14 Bessie & Duncan at wedding Bessie and Duncan Stewart at above
15 Mostly children’s 16 photos (Waba?)
16 Apple blossoms on ground @ Waba
17 Flowers in bowl Also books & book ends
18 Bessie Bessie Stewart, coat & hat, at house
19 View of house View of Stewart residence from what is now Sawmill Road (from northeast)
20 Margaret, Jean, Malcolm, Stewart Margaret Stewart, Jean McLaren, Malcolm and Stewart Brown
21 [empty]
22 ? graduation at Queens
23 A lake scene
24 Ginger as pup
25 Child in stroller
26 House before front hedge cut Stewart residence from Waba Creek side
(from the driveway)
27 Bessie
28 Jean McL and Ginger Jean McLaren
29 Trio to [illegible] and monument, 10 negatives of trip to ?, 1 negative of
Black’s Corners war memorial in Black’s Corners, which
shows Bessie’s brother’s name (David McLaren), who was killed in World War !
30 Royal visit 8 negatives of Royal visit, Ottawa
31 Bessie Seated on sofa
32 French Embassy, Ottawa Sussex Drive
33 Mission Band ?
34 Ginger
35 Dad & Ginger in boat Duncan E. Stewart
36 ? Mission band Group photo
37 Young boy in car
38 Young girl with sleigh
39 ?Golden Lake from hill ?
40 2 negatives: girl in front of house and
log boom on river
41 Stewart, Bessie and Ginger in boat Stewart Brown, Bessie Stewart
42 Aeroplane shooting at barrage balloon, 7 negatives [Pickerel Bay is on White
Pickerel Bay Lake
43 Logs, Waba 4 small negatives. Logs used to be driven to the Waba mill on Waba Creek from White Lake
44 Children and 2 grandparents 6 negatives; grandfather Duncan G.
Stewart (b. 1875); grandmother Ethel Stewart nee Stewart (b. 1882); with
baby bath/changing table
45 Children & Allan & RS. B. Allan Cairnie [boy in shorts, a distant Scottish relative]
46 Aeroplane picture, i.e. from aeroplane 7 negatives [aerial photos]
47 5 negatives of family photos, 1 of logs
on truck
48 Taken in Dad’s living room 8 negatives: grandparents (Duncan G. and Ethel Stewart), Waba, with children
— 2 negatives not inside pouch: one with stroller (winter scene)
49 10 negatives: Francis’s wedding
50 Stairway pictures 7 negatives: inside Stewart residence
51 Children in sun suits on lawn 19 negatives: all around Stewart home
52 Combermere 6 negatives: beach, boats
53 Dad’s lawn, Dad, Mr. McL. & children 12 negatives: Dad = Duncan G. Stewart, Mr. McL. = David McLaren [b. 1866], Bessie’s father
54 Children in snow suits 7 negatives: on and near 5th Line bridge over Waba Creek
55 Taken indoors here 16 negatives
56 King & Queen Royal visit, Ottawa, 1939
57 Gaspé 5 negatives: incl. Percé Rock
58 Mom’s 2 negatives: children
59 David David Stewart (b. 1944), Waba
60 Children, miscellaneous 11, some of children, others of Stewart house in Waba, also beach scenes ...
61 Basswood 3 negatives: at the Waba sawmill
62 Logging, some Shane pine, 8 negatives: horses and sleigh with logs,
some @ Waba truck with logs
63 Children at Andy’s? logs 4 negatives: giant logs; children
64 Wedding pictures 12 negatives: some of 1936 wedding of
Duncan E. Stewart and Bessie nee McLaren, some of people on bridge
65 Mrs. M. ...? [empty]
66 Band + church 8 large negatives of a construction site;
4 small negatives
67 Burnstown bridge Burnstown bridge under construction
68 Living room, Christmas 41 7 negatives
69 Arnprior road & veneer elm 5 negatives: 2 of log truck (Beach Co. Ltd., Winchester, in front of stone house, Waba, 3 of road
70 2 small negatives: construction site and
machine ?
71 Children in boat, Bessie 3 negatives
72 Children with Grandpa McLaren 9 negatives (no grandfather)
73 Bessie’s mother Bella McLaren nee Crane (died 1939)
74 Allan Cairnie Wearing kilt [distant relative from
Scotland, evacuated to Canada during
75 Family 3 negatives [1 including grandmother
Ethel Stewart]
76 Margaret, Mother, Allan C, + ? Margaret Stewart, Ethel Stewart, Allan Cairnie
77 Men cutting Shane pine
78 Judy & Tess Judy Stewart (b. 1941, later Cerigo) with dog
79 ? Stewartville dam construction? 2 small negatives
80 River scene
81-92 [empty]
93 General view of old mill & pond [empty]
94 Mostly Liz and Judy, some in front of 9 negatives, some on 5th Line bridge
wood pile
95 Children, some with DES & Bessie 12 negatives
96 Children, one Jean washing Tess 6 negatives
97 Children 6 negatives
98 Children 16 negatives, 1 with boy (Allan Cairnie?) standing in front of old saw mill
99 Children 5 negatives
100 View of creek in winter 1 neg. winter view [badly scratched],
1: child in bath/change table;
1: 2 young women
Brown Folder
[1930 - 1970]
Approximately 150, small format B&W and colour photographs that are not arranged in date order. Subject matter includes candid photographs of Duncan and Bessie Stewart's extended family in and around Waba. Other topics include travel, landscape, home and garden photography. Shots of family on holiday at Golden Lake (Agawaten) and Shirley's Bay are included in this part of the Sub-series.
White Folder
An interior shot of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in White Lake dated September 1931, the time of their Golden Jubilee.
Approximately 20 photographs of the Stewartville dam under construction and the Des Joachim dam [1950].
Barr Family Photographs Sub-Series 99-0107-4-8
1869 – [1970] 30cm Box I 6.1, I 6.2
Bessie (Elizabeth Wallace) Stewart’s mother was Isabella Crane, a school teacher in Burnstown. Bessie’s father was David Barr McLaren. Cathy Barr and Bessie Stewart were 2nd cousins. The Barr family photographs in this sub-series along with the journals in the Miscellaneous Textual Files sub-series were brought into the Stewart family fonds by Mrs. D. Stewart who was executrix of Cathy Barr’s estate.
Many fine photographs of the Barr home on Raglan Street in Renfrew are contained in this sub-series. Many portraits of Airth, McIntyre, McLaren and Barr family members are found in this sub-series. Please refer to the family history files in the Stewart Family Research Files (99-0107-4-3) for more information about the Airth, Barr and McLaren families.
An early photograph of William Airth’s store on Raglan Street in Renfrew is of particular interest. Post cards of Renfrew and photographs of homes on Raglan street are also of historical interest.
Box I 6.2
Sleeve 1 Jack Stalker – Irish Constabulary, n. d.
Sleeve 2 D. Morris Robertson, aged 2 years, August 12, 1894.
Sleeve 3 Brown, n. d.
Sleeve 4 Uncle Donald Stewart, Waba, n. d.
Sleeve 5 Sarah C. Stewart (L.P.L.C.) 1897 “to Cathye” [Barr]
Sleeve 6 Louise Tye, Chatham, On, [1897]
Sleeve 7 Bertha E. Wright (Mrs. Hepburn), Toronto, June 13, 1896
Sleeve 8 Edith Crane, 12 Walmer Rd., Toronto, n. d.
Sleeve 9 Edith Raven, Owen Sound, On, n. d.
Sleeve 10 Nettia R. Marshey (L.P.L.C.) 1897, “to Cathye” [Barr]
Sleeve 11 _ Burrows, Belleville, On, n. d., “to Cathye” [Barr]
Sleeve 12 Marion Filshie, 1900
Sleeve 13 Flossie Burke, [1897], “hello Cath”
Sleeve 14 Ethel L. Johnson, Belleville, On, n. d.
Sleeve 15 Group photograph [L.P.L.C.] with l. to r. _ Burrows, Flossie Burke, Nettia R. Marshey, Ethel Johnson and unidentified. [1897]
Group photograph [L.P.L.C.] graduates – third from right [Mrs. Duncan G. Stewart],
n. d.
Sleeve 16 Family Group identifying: Father, Lionel, Alfred, Harrie (Harriet), Mother, Cyril and Bertie., n. d.
Sleeve 17 Rena [McAlloch], Burlington, n. d.
Sleeve 18 3 Photographs – a) Girtie D. 1890 “to Cathye” b) “Mary with _Girtie D.”
c) “Mary with Girties dearest and best O.L.C., Whitby 1896”
Sleeve 19 Two copies of Ethel L. Johnson, Belleville, Winnie B. Eilbeck, Kingston and unidentified woman, 1898
Sleeve 20 a) Pat [Weenlap] and Fred Lyttle, n. d.
b) Fred Lyttle portrait by Boyes, Kingston, n. d.
Sleeve 21 a) Mrs Henry Airth (Rachel McIntyre), n. d.
Portrait by Moffat & Co.
b) Mr. H. Airth, n. d.
Portrait by Sim of Renfrew.
Sleeve 22 Emily McLaren, 1897
Sleeve 23 Flossie (Burke) and Jean Vauchex, 1904, “to dear friend Cathy”.
Sleeve 26 a) Mabel N. Thomson, n. d.
b) H. Cameron, L.P.L.C., n. d.
Sleeve 27 a) Duncan McLaren , Nov. 12 1899, “to aunt D. Barr”
b) Duncan McLaren , Nov. 12 1899, “to aunt D. Barr”
Sleeve 28 a) Sargent H. Airth, a Waterloo veteran, n. d.
b) Tin-type – Murray Bay 1886, Mr. D. Barr with three daughters, Saguenay, Quebec.
Sleeve 29 a) Mabel N. Thompson, Ingelwood 1905, “lovingly yours”.
b) small photo of MAB (Mabel Thompson) with unidentified man, n. d.
Sleeve 30 a) Nina [Beltay], Dusseldorf, n. d. “to Cathie”
Box I 6.1
Envelope 1 Contains a small photograph album 1869 – [1900] with portraits of:
Mr. & Mrs. Duncan McLaren, Catherine Barr, Guy Barr 1869, Roberty & Andrew Scobie 1888, William, David and Thomas Barr, Mrs. Ruth Wright and the Rev. George Thomson. Others are unidentified.
Envelope 2 Contains 18 portraits of: Catherine Barr, John McIntyre & family, David Barr, Robert Barr, William Barr, Thomas Morris, H. M. Airth, Jim Manley Barr (sons of James Barr).
Envelope 3 Contains: summer scenes [1900], Golden Lake Camp, La Verda Island, golfing at Arnprior Golf Club, Sand Point, Barr’s with hunting dog, Mr. & Mrs. William Barr (nee Dalgliesh), Mrs. Fannie Wright. An undated program for the Renfrew Horse Show is also contained in this envelope.
Envelope 4 Contains 50 photographs [1880 – 1950] of Mary and Catherine Barr and brothers David and John at Raglan Street home.
Envelope 5 Contains 16 postcards and photographs of Renfrew [1880 – 1935]
Postcards: Renfrew Victoria Hospital, Renfrew Collegiate Institute, Low Square Memorial, Carnegie Library & Fire Station, New Dam, Bonnechere River showing McDougal Mill, Renfrew Woolen Mills, Renfrew Millionaires, Mr. McKinnon’s House, Horton St., Barr House.
Photographs: Ladies on the steps of the Renfrew Golf Club House, William Airth’s Store, Raglan Street [1880] by Sim.
Envelope 6 Contains 20 Postcards to Barr sisters and blank cards [1900] to [1935].
Envelope 7 Contains 25 photographs of various Barr family members (some duplicates), 1900 – [1925]. Identified people include: John Gibbon’s and daughters (Mrs. T. Barr on left). D. Barr and friends in Kingston Jamaica 1900, Mr. & Mrs. David Airth, David & John Airth, Mrs. Knight, M. Airth and David Airth.
Envelope 8 Contains 17 vacation photographs (some duplicates) [1900 – 1920]. Photographs of Europe, British Columbia and Jamaica. See travel diaries in Miscellaneous Textual Files sub-series.
Portraits Folder Contains 14 portraits of various Barr family members with some unidentified people [1870 – 1930]. Identified photographs: Mrs. Tom Barr, Lorne Barr taken in Grafton N. Dakota, Robert Barr’s family (Nettie, Minnie, Guy and John), Mr. & Mrs. Donald McLaren (Marion Barr), Mrs. [Duksin] 1892, John Barr, Catherine Barr (various ages), [Bonnechere River] outings, unidentified school photograph, David Barr
Catherine or Mary Barr Album 1897 – [1910] Contains vacation photographs [Nova Scotia, P.E.I], nursing sisters, home on Raglan St., Wright family members; Alice, D. B. McLaren with Duncan 1897, Mrs. O. W. [Wright], Harvey Wright 1897.
The Stewart Famco fonds arrived at the Arnprior & District Archives in no particular order. The archivist formed series based on the provenance, physical nature and subject matter of the documents. Please refer to the chart below for further details regarding arrangement of the fonds. STEWART BROTHERS FINANCIAL RECORDS SERIES 99-0101-1 Sub-series - 1 Miscellaneous Accounting Records Sub-series - 2 Day Books Sub-series - 3 Waba General Store Account Books Sub-series - 4 Textual Files Sub-series –5 John Stewart (Beckwith) Invoices STEWART BROTHERS LAND HOLDING and SURVEYING SERIES 99-0101-2 STEWART BROTHERS CORRESPONDENCE SERIES 99-0101-3 STEWART FAMILY SERIES 99-0101-4 Sub-series –1 Miscellaneous Textual Files Sub-series –2 Correspondence Sub-series –3 Genealogical Research Files Sub-series –4 Estate Files Sub-series –5 Margaret Stewart’s Slides Sub-series –6 Family Gallery Photographs Sub-series –7 Miscellaneous Stewart Family Photographs Sub-series –8 Barr Family (Renfrew) Photographs
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