Stewart, Alexander (of Beckwith, founder of Waba)
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Peter Hessel collection
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History / Biography
Alexander Stewart emigrated to Canada in 1818 from the tiny village of Balintockach near Borenich, in the Loch Tummel area, Perthshire, Scotland. He came to Canada together with his brother John Stewart, who settled and farmed at Robertson’s Corners. Alexander settled at Black’s Corners (Beckwith Township), where he farmed and operated a general store. The large stone house, log barns and dry stone dykes [fences] are still standing, east of Highway 15.
Scope and Content
File consists of:
1. Transcription by Peter Hessel of 2 documents (the original contained in the Stewart Famco fonds 1999-0107-4-3 Box I5.1): of a promissory note by Alexander Stewart to his grandmother, Mrs. Kennedy widowed Stewart, of Woodend Cottage, Strathtummel, Scotland: balance: £4.11.7, for passage to “America”; and of a paper with family dates. Possibly in Alexander or John Stewart’s handwriting.
2. Yellow paper note with the name and phone number of Alexina Dakers, who in 2001 was the owner/occupant of the house built by Alexander Stewart at Black’s Corners. [Alexina Dakers died - in 2003?].
3. Photocopies of some pages from the book “Beckwith” by Glenn J. Lockwood (published in 1991). References to Alexander Stewart. Photos of Alexander Stewart’s house and farm buildings in Black’s Corners.
4. Enlarged photocopy of a photo of the Stewart house, from the above book.
5. 3 pages of notes and transcripts by Peter Hessel including excerpts of a land grant recorded Mar. 20, 1848 (Waba). DES - Duncan E. Stewart. Croftcarnach, Balintockach, Uchdnaneitag, Borenich, Balquidder ... (ancestral place names in Scotland). Letter by Bruce Cairnie who did some genealogical research for DES. Transcript of some family-related letters.
6. Transcript (by Peter Hessel) of a letter by Alexander Stewart (of Beckwith) to his sons Robert and John [and “Neel Stewart seven Line” ?] dated at Beckwith, Oct. 10, 1884. Original in Stewart Famco or D.E. Stewart collection?
7. Leather-bound diary of 1867. Entries are by John Stewart and his father Alexander.
The first page has 1867 stroked out and replaced by 1869. The last entry (under Bills Payable) is July 1, 1875. Under “Cash Accounts”: Jan. 1873: Gold $50, Grey Backs $5, Bills $3.75 + 4.30. Partly, the diary was used more as a notebook. June 3, 4, 1867: Repairing water wheel.
April 16, 1867: “At McNab today and felt the day long.”
May 24, 1867: “Went to Brockville today with Margaret on a pleasure trip mixed with business. Enjoyed the drive well.”
July 1, 1867: [Dominion Day] “Spent at Ottawa, saw many old friends and rejoiced in their company. Oh that new life may this day be given me that with the growth of the new Dominion I may grow in all virtues, deeds and honourable conduct.”
Sep. 18, 1867: “Attended Poll today and recorded my vote for Mr. McDougall. What low motives lead some electors to cast their votes at the poll.”
8. Letter by Marilyn Stewart of Napanee, Ontario, to Peter Hessel, dated October 11, 2004, re Stewart connections.
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